Woosmap Store Locator

A ready-to-use Store Locator, for a customer conversion in 1 click

Increase in-store traffic or appointments by quickly displaying your nearest points of sale, branches or collection points.

An ultra-configurable Store Locator solution

A highly customizable visual rendering

Customize the basemap, colors, icons of your Points of Interest, to be aligned with your brand identity.

Use your logo or symbols depending on the type of point of sale, to make it easier for your customers to find them.

Customize your store listings to improve SEO, consultation time. The decrease in the number of clicks will earn you points in SEO.

The widget is natively responsive design for the mobile web.

Display thousands of points of sale seamlessly

Whatever the number of your points of sale, our API benefits from a very fast display time at any zoom level, on the web and on mobile, while guaranteeing the readability of all points.

Rendering is smooth and navigation faster because your visitor doesn't need to click to ungroup clusters.

Automatically center the display around the user's position

Without even asking your visitor, automatically identify their geographical position to center your map and display the nearest points of sale, with the right zoom level .

View real-time opening information, filter by "open now" stores, and sort by proximity.

Accelerate the customer journey with 1-click search

To reduce the number of clicks, offer auto-completion on the names of cities, towns, localities, postal codes, addresses , all over the world.

You can even auto-complete the names of your own outlets that match the search.


An advanced search

Search by catchment area

Associate a catchment area with each of your points of sale to direct traffic to the right establishment.

Around a route

You can search and display your own points of interest, by proximity around a route, by combining our APIs.

Total uses Woosmap

Limitless filters, to refine the search

Build filters on your business data (such as the services available at the point of sale) to refine the search for your points of sale.

You can freely define their type, their rendering (image or text) and also use the “open now” option.

Calculate the route to get there, without leaving your website

With Distance API calculate the route to the nearest point by road, while staying on your website: avoid losing the link with your visitors.

Offer different modes: car, bike, pedestrian...


Encourage your customers to take action

By putting the store's contact details in an action button, encourage them to make an appointment directly in the agency, or to give their opinion on a point of sale, or even to ask a question to a specific store.


15 different languages ​​to customize your Store Locator

Adapt units (km or miles) and hour display (12h/24h)

As well as the language: French, English, Spanish, Catalan,

German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Polish.

Optimize your back office with real-time updates

  • A REST API to update thousands of establishments at once : some of our customers host up to 80,000, which means they don't have to manage multiple databases broken down by country.
  • An editor , in the Woosmap console to modify the information of a point of sale in 1 click.
  • Or our connectors with Presence Management solutions


What if I have points of sale in China?

Leverage your existing developments and use a dedicated instance of Woosmap Store Locator to display your stores, in China with Baidu Maps.

Contact us to talk about it!

How to implement it ?

Either with the ready-to-use widget that only requires configuration and allows you to quickly implement it.

Either with a Lib , to build your Store Locator with different bricks and have more freedom in the final rendering.

How do I know what my visitors are doing ?

Perform statistical analyzes by storing user events in your database, such as a click on the call number, on the calculation of the distance, on the contact email, etc.

To know more.

Should I opt for Store Locator Widget or Store Locator JS Library?

It all comes down to your level of customization.

The store locator WIDGET is primarily designed with configuration and very little coding. This helps in faster implementation of a fully functional Store Locator.

However, if you want much more customization or styling options i.e. adding store markers, info windows, in this case the store locator JS LIBRARY is the best option for you .

Red our tutorial to configure the Woosmap Store Locator Widget


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