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Woosmap Indoor Mapping

Guide visitors with an indoor navigation supporting a high precision positioning system

Create a seamless mapping experience by connecting outdoor and indoor wayfinding maps with a unique combination of location search APIs.

Propose an indoor map to help visitors find services, products or your store from a mobile or a desktop.

Enable a turn-by-turn navigation based on mobility profiles! Benefit from very accurate indoor solutions that do not collect any personal data.

Vectorial Indoor Map 2D & 3D

  • Powerful route engine with turn-by-turn navigation by Points of Interest (eg: "Turn right after Starbucks coffee").
  • Provide routing based on mobility profiles (Handicapped access, security agent with special access, walking, etc.).
  • Location search engine sorting results by multi-level and distance.
  • Ready to use responsive widget (available in JS and React-Native).
  • All features accessible in Rest API for an integration in business applications.
  • Create geofence notification campaigns (outdoor and indoor) compatible with your marketing platform.
  • Woosmap has a cost/quality ratio unmatched on the market thanks to best-in-class documentation and well designed APIs!

Our data production team is experienced on indoor mapping challenges - our experts can help you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to request a demo.

Vectorial Indoor Map 2D & 3D

Indoor Mapping for airports and train stations

Forget the frustration of lost passengers or staff. Guide them with an indoor navigation that get them to the right door with turn-by-turn navigation!

Search for an indoor location, get shortest path, navigate to that point with an Indoor Positionning System (or start without, thanks to our intuitive navigation instructions UI)!

Optimise peak periods to avoid delays or packed areas with precise location and real-time push notifications.

Ease the journey with a map from door to door

  • Make it easier for staff or external staff to navigate through restricted areas and help them to optimise their path during call-outs.
  • Make it easier to locate when an alarm is triggered: speed up the response time of the emergency services.
  • Make it easier to locate resources and services: parking, express check-in, gates, VIP lounges, duty-free and staff who can provide assistance.
  • Make your airports or train stations accessible by highlighting routes with lifts and ramps.

Woosmap Indoor for retail

Make shopping and operations easier with multi-floor guidance

  • Increase sales and ROI by saving time finding a product.
  • Reduce waiting time to get advice from a sales assistant nearby.
  • Push promotions to users passing by.
  • Improve pickup experience by detecting presence of the user next to the desk.
  • Prepare and fulfil more orders by reordering shopping lists for store pickers.
  • Welcome desk, toilets, cash machines etc. are all searchable indoors.

Make shopping and operations easier with multi-floor guidance

Indoor maps for tourism, resorts, holiday clubs, stadiums or recreational parks

Improve guests’ experience with private space wayfindings.

  • Anticipate guests' arrival by detecting devices (pre-registration, check-ins, click & collect, etc.).
  • Make it easier to find the way to the restaurant, the pool, a specific attraction, shops or the gym.
  • Make it easy for staff or external personnel to navigate through restricted areas and help them to optimise their route during call-outs.
  • Help your guest to locate security staff, housekeeping and other employees.

Indoor maps for tourism, resorts, holiday clubs, stadiums or recreational parks

Go a step further: create geotargeted campaigns

Combine geofencing and indoor solution

  • Send push notification when your customers are nearby: set geographic barriers around your locations that triggers notification once crossed.
  • Send communication when your customers are inside your store.

Combine geofencing and indoor solution

Are you looking for a mobile app to host your Indoor Map? Woosmap App has you covered!

We often meet businesses looking to explore indoor solutions who don’t have an app to implement a wayfinding experience, or resources to develop their own app.

To address this, our dev team created a user-friendly mobile app to support your projects in production. You can also use the Woosmap App to test demos and indoor maps whenever needed.

For Developers, the process is simple:

  1. Once your map is digitised and loaded in your account, you can personalise and tune it in the Woosmap Console.
     Contact us if you need help!
  2. Afterward, simply share a link or a QR Code with your users, allowing them to get the app and access your indoor map.

Mobile app to host your Indoor Map

You can download the Woosmap App on iOS or Android already if you want to see a demo of what it'll look like for your users.

Your users’ experience will then look like this:

  1. Users receive a link or see a flash code.
  2. They'll download the Woosmap App on iOS or Android (if they do not have it already).
  3. Use the link or the flash code received in the app.
  4. Then they’ll be able to navigate through your indoor wayfinding map.
Woosmap Indoor mobile app

No need to undertake a complex coding project or worry about data security. With the Woosmap App, the data remains proprietary, and access is exclusively granted with a specific key so you have full control over who sees it!

Try it and develop your own indoor navigation!


With Indoor Mapping, you can map any indoor places and the vicinity areas if it’s private. You are not limited in terms of building, space shape, or the number of floors. Indoor Mapping can be used for buildings, malls, offices, hotels, campings, campuses, arenas, training centers, and more!

Help your visitors to navigate through different areas and find specific shops, services, or building with a high precision indoor positioning system.

Yes, you can create a complete personalised map according to your brand identity. Use our Developer’s Documentation to get started on our solutions or contact our team, they can help!

Yes, with indoor wayfinding you can put in place a navigation system that will guide the user point by point in your space. With a map and up-to-date data, clear directions, and real time positioning and navigation, your users will be able to navigate easily in their new indoor environment.

No need to start a time consuming project, Woosmap already offers ready-to-use applications (Flutter, Native SDK, and Javascript) that are easy to implement and offers the best user experience.

Woosmap App is a public mobile application that was created for organisations that don’t have a platform or a specific app to implement Indoor Mapping.

Create and download your indoor map in the console and then link it to the Woosmap App.

You just have to grant access to you users by sharing with them a link or a QRCode associated with your Woosmap project. No need to undertake an internal coding development project.

Access it on Apple Store & Play Store.