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Get the actual distance to your points of interest and optimise your routes worldwide

Calculate the road distance and guide your users to your points of interest, improve the user experience by sharing the Estimated Time of Arrival, taking into account the traffic.

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Eastham Village, Merseyide, United Kingdom


Liverpool John Lennon Airport, United Kingdom


No route found
curl "https://api.woosmap.com/distance/route/json?\
  -H 'referer: http://localhost/'

Reduce the carbon footprint of your customers’ journeys

Consumers are interested in soft mobility and ecological travel, but distances as the crow flies don’t take the geographical context into account.

Distance API takes natural and urban obstacles (such as rivers, railways, etc.) into consideration and make it possible to sort results by the actual distance by road for more relevant results.

Optimise route planning with Distance Matrix

Avoid manual and repetitive processes by calculating the most effective routes between various starting points and destinations to identify the best combination, with real-time and historical/predictive traffic.

With Distance Matrix, you can reschedule deliveries, reroute drivers and sort by distance: the matrix can include up to 200 elements!

Distance matrix

Distance Isochrone

Do you need to display an area within 9 minutes by bike or 7km by road around a shop, a branch or a delivery departure point ?

With Distance Isochrone, you can find all reachable destinations within a given distance or maximum travel time.

You can use it also, to identify time-based or distance-based areas for promotions.

Choose the location around which to create your isochrone-based catchment areas, calculate isochrones within 120 minutes or 120 km by car, by bike or on foot and display a polygon on your map.

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

Transparency is key when it comes to customer loyalty and satisfaction, particularly as part of the delivery process.

Customers want to know exactly where their order is and when they can expect it to arrive.

Providing a driver’s delivery time (ETA) and location, taking into account the traffic, enhances the user experience and increases satisfaction.

Polylines can also be displayed on a map.

ETA Delivery

Recommend the best route

To reduce your costs and the environmental impact of your business, calculate the shortest or fastest route, taking into account the real-time or historical/predictive traffic, and the various alternatives, whether travelling by car, by bike or on foot.

Calculate routes with up to 25 waypoints for an optimised route. Sort steps automatically, based on distance and save time and energy.

11% increase in customer satisfaction through real-time tracking of vehicles and goods.

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