Augmented Maps Amplified Retail

Take consumers from “near me” to “buy now” in two clicks.
Woosmap technology accelerates location-based buying decisions.

Optimized for both mobile and web, Woosmap interfaces with Google Maps to provide a seamless flow of personalized and real-time maps and location information. Woosmap eliminates the frustration around using online maps and drastically increases conversion.


A Leaner, More Efficient Buying Process.

Optimize your customer acquisition funnel for location-based buying, to dramatically increase conversion.


Complete, Accurate & Global Visibility.

Give a complete picture of your global brand presence, with an unlimited number of location points, in real time, at any zoom.


A Personalized Online Map Experience.

Provide a “live” personalized location based retail experience, and give new meaning to on-time and convenient delivery.


A Centralized, Consolidated Database.

Simplify and streamline your back-end processes with a single global database, harmonising data to save on time and labor.

A Google Cloud Premier Partner and the 2016 winner of Google’s Location Innovation Challenge, Woosmap is the Google Maps retail AddOn specifically designed to accelerate conversion in eCommerce.