Maps & Mapping

Display Search results on a crystal-clear map and build your application on top

A Woosmap Map is worth a thousand words: speed up purchase decision!

Display your application data and your network of thousands of Points Of Interests on a mobile-optimised elegant vector map.

Crystal-Clear rendering

A map with smooth zooming transitions with no impact on browser performance and faster to download.

Unlimited number of PoIs

Display your Points Of Interest on a clear map, free of your competitors.

High definition

A clear rendering at every scale.

Woosmap Map

Woosmap Map is a JavaScript API of elegant vector maps.

It ensures fast loading, smooth zooming and panning transitions and clear rendering at every scale.

Woosmap Map is optimised for displaying your data without compromising readability and is also able to display buildings in 3D.

Create innovative user experiences that convert and increase user loyalty.

Woosmap Map API

Choisir le style

const map = new window.woosmap.map.Map(document.getElementById('map'), {
    styles: [
        {featureType: "poi", stylers:[{"visibility":"on"}]}
    center: {
        lat: 51.52,
        lng: -0.13,
    zoom: 14,


Mapping with Woosmap

Display thousands of places on tiled maps with efficient response time and smooth navigation, on top of Woosmap Map API.

An optimized tiling API to display your stores footprint.

Our APIs can be integrated in our business solutions, such as Store Locator


Yes, you can definitely modify the different layers of the Woosmap map (buildings, roads, forests, water...) with your own style in order to match your brand identity or to highlight some elements or POI depending on your use case.

Woosmap Map API uses vector rendering. Because vector tiles are not pre-rendered (like raster tiles), they are simple to edit and adapt to fit to your use case.

Absolutely. The map loads with the browser language, accessible in different languages. You can however customise your map for a specific country or region by changing the default language settings.

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