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Automatic Geolocation

Retrieve visitor’s location to customise your website or use the nearest Point of Interest

In comparison to the geolocation provided by the browser’s built-in function, this automatic detection can be applied more broadly and ensures that the customer journey is not slowed down.

Woosamp Automatic Geolocation

Country & timezone

Feature the relevant country, region and timezone, based on the IP address of your user, to use the appropriate currency, redirect to appropriate local website or adapt your services to the user's location.

Woosmap Currency Geolocation

Shorten the customer journey

Display the availability of a product in the nearest point of sale to your visitor, by assigning a shop, right from the product page you minimise the number of clicks in the buying journey.

Display the nearest Points of Interest without asking your visitor anything.

Product availability in the nearest point of sale

Targeted promotions

Display promotions which are relevant to the user's location or adapt the customer journey with relevant local services or local content.

Geolocated promotions


Centre your map directly on the visitor’ geographical position.

Use geolocation in the background to customise the display to the user’s location.

Center map on the visitor’s position

According to a BCG survey, visitors to websites which use geospatial data to profile customers spend 20% more time on these websites.

Survey by the Boston Consulting Group in October 2020: 500 interviews in the US, UK, Singapore and India.


Woosmap Automatic Geolocation or Woosmap Geolocation is an API that can provide the location/position of users with accuracy thanks to the IP address of their devices (laptop, tablet, mobile, …). You can query the API using a public or a private key according to your use case and calls origins.

Access our documentation to learn how to implement it!

The API brings back geographic information such as the country, region, time zone, post code and approximate location of the user. Detecting such informations enable you to change the customer experience in order to personalise it. For example, you can automatically change to the right language depending on where is the user.

With this information, you can also propose, for example, the closest shop to your users.

For 50% of users, the accuracy of the coverage is below or equal to 20km. You can use Automatic Geolocation API worldwide.

You can reduce accuracy attribute lower than 20km in urban areas for example, and based on the provided accuracy, you can decide on different scenarios and adapt your customer journey accordingly.

Like all our APIs, Geolocation API Query Per Second (QPS) limits are designed for you to take the best of it.

Our API was conceived to support high call volumes: get up to 50QPS to feed your integrations.

Woosmap doesn’t collect any personal data. We don’t stock the position or IP address of the users as we have a “privacy-first” moto. In consequence we are fully GDPR compliant.