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Grow your business, tackle new use cases for your customers with geolocation

With a simplified contractual setup and a competitive revenue-sharing model, becoming a Woosmap Partner is quick, easy and provides access to several perks.

Woosmap Partners

Why work with us?

Solve new business challenges of your customers thanks to geolocation

  • Drive Traffic in store
  • Click & Collect in real-time
  • Enrich transactions with geolocation
  • Improve Return-To-Sender rate
  • Develop Geo-marketing campaign
  • Boost satisfaction with Estimated Time of Arrival


Who we are

We are geographers and cartographers, developers, engineers, devops and data scientists.

We are passionate about the impact of geolocation on our daily lives.

We have been working for over 6 years together to bring Mapping and Geolocation to the world of Business.

We have built tools such as maps, APIs, SDKs, libraries, mobile applications and more to integrate organisations’ data with maps from around the world, enabling businesses to take advantage of geolocation.


Choose your engagement model


Get rewarded for referring business

  • Competitive referral fee
  • Access to our comprehensive developer documentation
  • Be the first informed of New Use Cases or Customer Success Stories
  • No dedicated investment needed
All the Referral perks

Grow your business by managing the sales cycle

  • Competitive recurring commission
  • Dedicated Partner manager
  • Sales support: Dedicated salesperson for your customers, joint meetings
  • Sales Training Program: Webinar and workshops
  • Marketing support: Tradeshow & Webinar support
  • Technical Training & Support Program: workshops
  • Free Woosmap Reseller Demo Licence
All the Reseller perks

Optimise your revenue margin

  • Integrate Woosmap into your software, hardware or application
  • Volume-based Pricing Conditions
  • Day access: new products premiere, networking opportunities
All the Referral and Reseller perks

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Geolocation data is very personal to consumers. We believe that transparency and accountability is the key of new value propositions. So Woosmap doesn't collect any personal data.

Absolutely, our Terms of Service allow you to combine them with other providers, to create the best-of-breed solution, well-suited to specific needs.

500+ customers worldwide: from Retail, Bank, Insurance, Energy, Hospitality, Mobility, Ecommerce, and other sectors.