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Business Solutions

As a “Near me” expert, we’ve tailored geolocation solutions for specific industry.

Enrichment of payment transactions with geolocation, enterprise-grade Store Locator, automated location-based services thanks to Geofencing, Indoor Mapping...

Take digital and physical customer journey to next level: friction-less, ergonomic and saving time services.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Improve your mobile customer journey by identifying your app users’ location and triggering events based on geofence monitoring.

Our privacy-by-design SDK automatically generates and monitors geofences to contextualise your push notifications so that they’re sent at the right time and in the right place.

Store Locator Widget

A mobile and desktop enterprise-grade Store Locator Widget, allowing you to smoothly display thousands of Points of Interest and access a comprehensive set of embedded Location-based APIs.

Boost the customer journey with One-click search for nearby stores, automatically centre the display on the user's location, compute directions without leaving your website, display opening hours and all your store details, real-time updates.

Woosmap Merchant API

An API that helps your customers better understand their payments and where they took place.

Send unclear merchant names to the API to convert them into clean names. Improve the UX of your transactions list and add enriched data for Europe, North America and Asia:

Easy-to-recognize merchant names, brand logos, Google Place id of the location.

Woosmap Indoor

Guide your visitors intuitively through your private spaces with a navigation by Points of Interest (sign, escalator...)

Provide a search experience for facilities, services or products, and integrate your dynamic business data. Sort results by distance and display them in the multi-floor wayfinding maps.

  • Make it easy for staff or external personnel to navigate through restricted areas and help them to optimise their route during call-outs.
  • Prepare and fulfil more orders by reordering shopping lists for store pickers.
  • Anticipate the arrival of your guests by detecting their presence (pre-registration, check-ins, click & collect..).

The Woosmap Indoor platform interconnects with your ecosystem of partners: indoor positioning infrastructures, push notification marketing platform or product geolocation.

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