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Leverage geolocation to create tailor made last-mile delivery experiences

Using geolocation, develop a constant 2-way communication with your fleet and improve customer satisfaction with accurate ETAs, which takes into account traffic.

Last-mile Delivery

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Increase customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries

Customer loyalty depends on transparency, particularly when it comes to the delivery process.

Customers want to know exactly where their order is on a map and when they can expect it to arrive.Make use of waypoints' distance route calculations for maximised delivery efficiency.

Inform your customers of their parcel’s ETA, taking into account the traffic, with a notification triggered by the Geofencing SDK.

How to implement:


Solve scheduling and routing issues when it comes to intervention planning by minimising the work required

Plan your distribution strategy.

Avoid manual and repetitive order planning processes; instead, calculate the most effective routes between various sources and destinations to identify the best combination.

Distance Matrix helps you to reschedule deliveries, taking into account the traffic in real-time and reroute drivers quickly and it’s easy to integrate in your fleet management tool.

How to implement:

Distance Matrix

Assign the right staff who are closest to your customers

Unexpected breakdowns are common.

Woosmap Distance and Map APIs can help your dispatchers to pinpoint exactly where each vehicle in the fleet is located and direct the closest available driver to provide the broken down vehicle with assistance.

Keep your customers informed about the driver’s Estimated Time of Arrival with push notifications from your app and reduce the inevitable anxiety which comes with breakdowns.

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Push notif ETA

Optimise operational processes with autocomplete

In a call centre, prompt response times are vital.

Don't waste your staff's time by having them input an entire address manually. Autocompletion and map displays will save them valuable time.

Reduce address-filling errors with autocompletion, replacing the manual entry of addresses with a menu of accurate addresses.

You can also streamline form filling for checkout procedures, helping your customers to save time.

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Address autocomplete