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Enhancing public services with geolocation technology

Woosmap supports the digital transformation of the public sector

Since the new plan 2030 Digital Compass, governments across Europe are committed to accelerating the transformation of their services.

They aim to make public services digital, more efficient, and more responsive for the UX.

Supporting this digital transformation is crucial for better public services answering people's need with efficiency, rapidity and simplicity.


Administrative services

Simplify procedures and enhance quality of services

It is now necessary to leverage geolocation solutions to streamline complex procedures that can be time-consuming!


For administrations

Localities API

  • Ensure accurate data when users are giving address information.
  • Speed-up processes like national ID creation, visa applications, any change in address...

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Geolocation API

  • Automatically suggest the closest location to your users searching for a service.
  • Localise users precisely when needed

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Locator Widget

  • Display administrations on a map with associated information and time slots available.
  • Create a research via map directly, filtering per location of services.

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Benefits the UX greatly


Users save time when completing online processes thanks to features such as autocompletion finding and filling the fields automatically.

Nearby services

They can easily find physical administrations and their associated services closeby.

Automatic geolocation

Quickly and efficiently locate health or emergency services according to user's location automatically detected.

Jobs and missions

Creating user-friendly and attractive job hunting platforms!

Finding a job or a mission "in the area" is usually easier for candidates because it’s more visually enticing!

With geolocation parameters like “postcode area” or “user’s proximity”, finding a job closeby or in a defined area has never been easier!

mission hunting

" With the option of a radius of search around you, we are enabling young people to refine and personalise their searches. We've simplified the whole application process to reach even more young people and encourage them to apply online."

Laure Bienaimé

POW project manager at the Agence du Service Civique

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Public Transportation

Optimise route planning and scheduling of public transport:

  • Give real-time updates and notifications to commuters,
  • Avoid traffic jams and accidents along the way!


Postal services

Ensure the optimisation of postal deliveries with accurate postal addresses:

  • Eliminate errors in delivery by using geolocation to verify and validate addresses,
  • Reduce delivery times and costs by optimising existing and new delivery routes.


Waste management

Optimise operations with accurate address data

Streamline logistic operations in waste collection and disposal:

  • Improve the efficiency of waste collection routes by leveraging Localities API, showing the right destination every time.
  • Enhance the punctuality and reliability of waste management services.