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Turnkey connectors

Seamlessly integrate our APIs, libs and widgets into your existing systems and speed up the work of your IT teams with prebuilt connectors. Easily extend your business platforms’ capabilities with the features and data of the Woosmap platform.

Salesforce marketing cloud Airship Big Commerce Localistico Yext Partoo

Fully maintained

As an integral part of the Woosmap Platform, all our connectors evolve with it.


No tedious settings to connect your IT solutions to Woosmap.


From Presence Management to Push marketing features, Woosmap connectors cover a large range of use cases.

Airship Salesforce
Make your Mobile app location-aware, and benefit from dedicated Custom Events to trigger messages with the class-leading marketing automation platforms Airship and Salesforce. You can now design personalized Journeys and Automations to offer custom location based services.
Big Commerce
Gone are tedious address filling for your users and wrong contact information. Add autocomplete to your customer journeys on the BigCommerce platform: correct the address before it enters your system, making your customers’ life easier.
Localistico Partoo Yext
Make sure that your customers find you. With our Woosmap Presence Management connectors, spread your data everywhere: consolidate your online presence from Google My Business to Apple Plan or Facebook.