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Turnkey Connectors

With pre-built connectors, you can seamlessly integrate our APIs, libraries, and widgets into your existing systems and speed up the work of your IT teams: no tiresome setups to link your IT solutions to Woosmap!

All of our connections grow in parallel with the Woosmap Platform.

Wossmap Connectors

Deploy new features with Woosmap Store Locator Cartridge while staying within your budget: accelerate your product discovery and reduce development costs with a field-proven solution used by major retail brands serving millions of users.

The Woosmap Widget is compatible with Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) and is customisable through the Salesforce Business Manager.

With our Presence Management connectors, display stores data on your Store Locator, use our geolocations APIs and spread your data everywhere.

Woosmap connector for Localistico
Woosmap connector for Partoo
Woosmap connector for Yext

Improve your BigCommerce Checkout with autocomplete: get on-the-fly a validated address.

Thanks to Woosmap Address Finder prevent re-delivery: validate international & UK addresses before entering your system and avoid continuously cleaning your data.

The Woosmap Bigcommerce app is designed to work flawlessly with the "Optimized One-Page Checkout" of Bigcommerce.

Take your Customer Engagement Platform a step further. Add a geographical dimension to your notification scenarios: create geographic triggers from one centralised spot.


Yes, you can implement one of the following connector to feed your Customer Engagement Platform and create dedicated push mobile notifications as someone enters your defined geofence.

Take a look at our documentation to read about our connectors: Airship, Marketing Cloud Integration, Batch.

Please first take a look at the have existing presence management connectors listed above that you can use. Access the documentation above to read more about the implementation.

Yours is not listed? Get in touch with us!

No, this is the main point of implementing a connector. You only have to update your data once.