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Localities API: address/postcode finder and autocomplete

Find the right address and speed up the customer journey with autocompletion

Woosmap Localities API can be integrated behind any platform or mobile application as a tool to find, autocomplete, or cleanse addresses.

Address autocomplete

Worldwide coverage to search for addresses, postcodes, towns, cities, states, suburbs, counties, streets, train stations, airports, etc.

Global Address Finder

The Localities API works globally in all countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Our tool can retrieve any address in full.

See the list for full coverage here.

Postcode finder, Address lookup

Because raw data isn’t enough, our autocomplete algorithm finds the most relevant results with just a few letters and displays the most likely results first.

It also identifies common abbreviations, apostrophes, etc.

Postcode finder, Address lookup

Enter a postcode, a town, a city, etc..

Type in

Type in a locality name...

Filter by

Type of location


No locality found
curl ""\
  -H 'referer: http://localhost/'

Get the right address, first time, every time!

Reduce the number of clicks and shorten the customer journey by suggesting the address and filling in multiple fields in a single click.

Our address autofill API automatically insert the right sections of the address in the right fields, even before it enters your IT systems.

Woosmap address autocomplete

Where and how to implement Localities API?

Our algorithm can be associated with a map but also behind a form or search field easily.

The system automatically organises address data and makes manual entries easier than ever for the end user!

You can also query our Localities API and its rich location database for address cleansing only.

Woosmap Localities API

With Royal Mail data in the UK

Address and postcode finder in the UK with Localities API

  • Search and autofill 30 million addresses from the Royal Mail PAF & MR datasets: it’s so comprehensive, you can even search for names and numbers of buildings and premises.
  • Retrieve addresses, at flat level accuracy, associated with the UK's 1.8 million postcodes
  • Retrieve geographic coordinates with rooftop accuracy.

Address and postcode finder in the UK

Test autocomplete on a UK address

Type in a UK address

Type in an address
curl "\
  -H 'referer: http://localhost/'

Data from the postal reference system in France with Localities API

  • 25 million addresses from the national French database
  • 250,000 locations, covering every municipality in France

Data from the postal reference system

Test autocomplete on an address in France

Saisir une adresse française

Saisir une adresse
curl "\
  -H 'referer: http://localhost/'

"Happy to use Woosmap. A quality software product.

Woosmap helps us reduce customer address input errors which would require lengthy manual fixes or costly shipping errors. Woosmap saves us time, energy and money while increasing confidence in the data we collect off our customers. A great product."

Timothy H, Director, Consumer Goods

A search-as-you-type solution with relevant results, every time

Account creation

By suggesting the address, we can speed up the customer's checkout process and avoid them having to type it manually.

Improve return-to-sender rates

Avoid invalid, incomplete or inaccurate addresses and retrieve lat/long coordinates to add to your CRM.

Eligibility for a service

Suggest a list of services in a given geographical area (optical fibre, home help, nearby providers).

Product Locator

Suggest a list of the nearest points of sale which stock the desired product.


List points of interest around your destination

Ride sharing

Search a pick-up or drop-off location with autocompletion in a mobile app.


Autocompletion is a feature you can add to your website or application that will automatically complete the address’s fields (while the user is typing) with the right information in the right field with the right format (for example: zip code, number, name of the street, name of the city…).Retrieve information easily and fill the right fields quickly.

In the search field the user will type the beginning of an address and get suggestions from a list. Then they’ll only have to select the right address which will either automatically add an address in the fields, or trigger a search when using latitude/longitude of the address.

It works for address lookup POIs, localities or postcode finder.

Note: autocomplete can aso be called autosuggest or autofil. All those terms design the same geolocation tool.

You can choose from a REST API, a JS Lib and a widget to help you with your implementation.

View our Developer’s Documentation for more information.

The coverage is worldwide with the exceptions of China mainland, North and South Korea and Japan. The accuracy of a location is at the rooftop of the building for street address data, you can check the documentation to read more about it per countries.

Our service has the best data for France and the UK!

From the lookup, you will get the complete formatted address in the right country format and all the details about its different components (flat and floor level, street number, street name, postcode, city, country, district, etc. - when the data is relevant and available) and even the location of the address (his geographical coordinates) to be able to put it on a map.

The price will depend on your subscription, please, check pricing here.

For each subscription you have access to a certain number of credits. Credits are counted each time a query is made to a Woosmap API.

Autocomplete queries are counted and visible in Console's metrics. Nevertheless, those Autocomplete queries are not charged but you cannot use the data.

Detailed queries (to get detailed information associated with selected suggestion) are then charged according to the type of requested data. Not every query is worth the sames, it ranges from 0.1 to 5 credits per query.

No, Localities API is not linked to any personal data such as names, surnames, or phone numbers. We developed Localities API for organisations seeking to enhance digital journeys on their platform only.