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Increase footfalls in retail stores with geolocation

of consumers check products online before going to a store

The synergy between an online presence and physical stores is essential and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Geofencing, Store Locator, Product Locator offer a competitive advantage in the digital customer journey.

Boost synergies between physical retail and e-commerce

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant need to move to a low-touch economy have led to a boom in the popularity of online shopping in the retail and grocery sectors. Today, customers don't go out and buy food in the way they used to: instead, they opt for a personalised, easy, interactive and secure e-commerce experience.

Use an off-the-shelf solution which increases customer retention and local SEO ranking.

Woosmap Store Search API & Store Locator

Display all your stores on a map and let users search for their preferred point of sale. Search stores by X:Y coordinates, sorted by distance.

Woosmap Localities API

Add autocomplete for postcodes and localities to reduce the time needed to find nearby stores.

The world-leading retail brand Carrefour takes full advantage of address autocompletion to power its Drive search bar: customers can find their closest store or delivery method by typing just a few characters.

"Our IT department immediately took a liking to Woosmap’s products, especially because they are so easy to integrate and customise. Equally, positive feedback came from the UX team about the customer experience."

Show your open stores and guide your visitors to your products

Whether in the beauty, skincare or fashion sectors, luxury brands tend to focus on providing a seamless and customised experience on their websites.

For more flexibility, Woosmap's geolocation solution handles your store opening hours, from your brand’s flagship store to the thousands of other points of sale worldwide.

Woosmap Geolocation API

Centre the map display around your visitors’ position and with the appropriate zoom level to improve the user journey by showing the closest stores.

Woosmap Store Locator

Set your stores’ opening and closing hours to make it easier to find the right store.

Woosmap Indoor

Increase your app’s use by enhancing digital wayfinding maps with promotions, stock information and more.

Global brands are often faced with the challenge of multiple distribution channels around the world, from partners to special distributors, from privately owned shops to pop-up stores and more. A significant amount of information must be collected to ensure that information about these stores and their opening hours is always up-to-date.

Givenchy uses Woosmap's all-in-one Store Locator to synchronise all its sales channels.

Convenient curbside & in-store pick-up

Put an end to the hassle of queuing and optimise order picking by notifying your staff of customers’ arrival times.

Boost the operational efficiency and flow of your company’s order fulfilment and picking with customer ETAs.

Guide your customers through your private spaces so that they can quickly find the pick-up area, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Detect your customers’ proximity to the point of sale and send contextual notifications when they are approaching, having placed an order.

Woosmap Distance API

Calculate the closest pick-up point by road and retrieve ETAs.

Woosmap Indoor

Help your customers to navigate their way through your private spaces so that they can quickly find the in-store pick-up area, thereby improving customer satisfaction

Decathlon has improved its shoppers’ stock awareness by adding contextualisation to its product pages to show customers where and when they can pick up a product at their closest stores. Providing reassurance as part of the customer journey is key!

We were looking for a solution that created a fluid and comprehensive search experience, irrespective of the device used. We found this solution in Woosmap. The displayed information in all the web channels enabled users to continue to visit physical retailers.

Read the testimonial of Luigi Cuviello

Digital Marketing Manager, Leroy Merlin Italia

Location-based marketing campaigns

When you need to engage potential customers, location-based marketing is incredibly powerful.

Alert your customers to special offers in your stores as they walk by.

You can increase the average basket by including specific product notifications when the user reaches a specific aisle in store.

Woosmap Geolocation API

Offer local content and services, based on your users’ location.

Woosmap Store Search API

Detect your customers’ proximity to points of sale.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Trigger contextual notifications with location-based offers.

Product Locator: automate geolocation on product pages

Take your online shopping experience to another level with stock checking and Click & Collect availability.

This will result in an increased “Add To Cart” conversion rate!

Woosmap Geolocation API

Background geolocation offers a personalised display on product pages: the nearest store, availability of different delivery methods and more.

Woosmap Store Search

To increase drive-to-store, display the right store, based on your customers’ catchment area or delivery zone.

For Boulanger, the Product Locator boosted clicks on the “Add To Cart” button by 15%.