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Leverage geolocation to build tailor-made payment services

Thanks to our geolocation skills, we solve your challenges such as unrecognised transaction, data quality, fraud detection, affiliate merchant database.

Leverage geolocation to build payment services

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“Financial services companies reported 8% to 17% more user time spent in apps that offered location-based experiences”

Unlocking Value with Location Intelligence, Boston Consulting Group, February 2021

The best Geolocation API catalog for financial services developers

Personal Loans

Do you want to know the moment that matters to your customer?

Geolocation in real time allows you to notify your customers at the relevant time and place for a personal loans offer. With our Open Source Geofencing SDK (Battery friendly), you can automatically track background position to send contextualized communications.

Then you can optimize your ROI, with a highly targeted campaigns.

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Personal loans

Improve your voucher campaign performance

When developing a rewards program for your customers, do you need to maximise the use of this cashback program?

Automatically track background position with our Open Source Geofencing SDK allows you to send contextualized communications as soon as they are nearby your affiliated merchant.

Woosmap calculates distance to the closest POIs to monitor, so you can tailor your marketing campaign with a location-aware message, to geo-target a specific customer.

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Woosmap helps to improve your voucher campaign performance

Reduce the risk of fraud

Double check thanks to Geolocation

Your customer can activate a security check: when a large amount of cash is requested at an ATM, you can send a geolocation request to the banking app of your customer (with Woosmap Geofencing SDK embedded). The Woosmap Search API geolocates the mobile at less than 50m from the ATM and confirm the release of the cash.

Strengthen customer trust by being aware of where and when the release of cash took place.


Improve “Find a Branch” Experience

Your network of ATMs is made up of different brands?

You can deploy a unified Branch and ATMs Locator for multiples brands, supporting 14 languages in a mere 2 weeks sprint : Host, query and display closest branches, provide suggestions with autocomplete and display them, thanks to the Store Locator

Branch location


Add geolocation data to propose innovative insurance services

Woosmap allows insurance players to design new products based on their consumers’ mobility profile. Connect their movements to your app to optimize your offers.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK is battery friendly and helps design cutting edge location triggers to improve your customer experience with zone-based pricing for innovative insurance services.

Track and analyze user behavior to provide them with accurate insurance Pay as you go offers.

Transforming your app into a virtual insurance assistant requires advanced geofencing techniques complying with GDPR. Our SDK being available Open Source, you are always in control of your data.

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