Develop new opportunities in the automotive sector!

Increase customer loyalty and digital visibility by adding the geolocation dimension in your digital services.

Offer the right product or service at the right time according to your clients' location by displaying your stores, wharehouses, specific support, and electrical charge points in real-time.


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Car dealer locators complete the sales process

It’s no secret that the automotive industry has been taking steps towards digitising the customer’s journey in the past decade.

Car dealers should provide an exceptional experience before, during and after the buyer's visit to the showroom to close the deal.

Many prospective car buyers research vehicles online before buying. A Google study shows that a buyer would go on average 1.3 times to a dealership before acquiring a vehicle (3 times less compared to a few years back).

There are many new challenges the sector faces, for examples these include:

  • Automatically detecting the visitor's locations in order to recomend the nearest car dealership.
  • Offering home delivery once a vehicle has been chosen.
  • Predicting the ETA of the after the sales services provider to the driver's geographical location.

Our APIs:

Solid software for displaying maps or locations and location information as well as filtering.

Sven Weber

IT Marketing Manager, Autohaus

After-sales services

The customer journey doesn’t stop at the purchase of a vehicle; manufacturers & dealerships have been expanding this side of the market for a few years now.

A wide range of after-sales services are now offered as a package when the vehicle is purchased in order to increase services quality and strengthen the relationship with clients, and their overall satisfaction.

Services relying on geolocation tools such as repair, breakdown services, maintenance, spare part replacement, vehicle loan, home delivery, insurance or customer support became key differentiators to improve customer loyalty.

Geolocation accelerates service delivery times and execution because these services are performed by reliable experts in the customer's locality.

When it comes to urgent repair, geolocation and real-time data will create a differentiator for your services and a preference for your brand.

Locate electric charging stations

The demand for optimising driving time has always been a challenge - but now the demand for charging time is increasing exponentially.

Drivers need to know how fast they can charge their car, but also what types of plugs are available on the road.

By using Woosmap locators, car manufacturers, vehicle repair centre chains, and aggregator websites can easily manage the growing number of new infrastructures. They can also answer the doubts and questions of your prospective buyer: is an electric car adapted to my daily commute? Where would I charge when I visit family?

Get filter displays on connector type or facilities (toilet, coffee shops nearby, restaurants etc.) to facilitate decision-making when planning a trip or when they're on the road.


Develop new mobility services with geolocation

When it comes to transportation and mobility services, the automotive sector is transforming as they must adapt to new market players and technologies.

Car sharing, car rental, deliveries or pick-up and drop-offs are the type of services needed to answer logistic and congestion challenges in urban areas, as well as cerating more sustainable systems overall.

Geolocation lies at the heart of those services providing real-time data and convenient location directly on a client’s smartphone for personalised services, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


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