Woosmap Accelerator Program for Startups

For 2023, Woosmap is determined to help young startups to develop their offers with the help of geolocation APIs and SDKs

We developed Woosmap Accelerator Program to help young projects in development to enhance their potential and quickly find their product-market fit.

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Disrupt in your sector with lower risks

Being a young startup is no easy task, and to navigate a new market with a new product can be confusing. In being in this critical stage, startups will need all the help they can get.

With Woosmap, while you are at the beginning stages of building your offer and looking for your product-market fit, you can already streamline geolocation to your customer’s journey. Save time and money along the way as well as innovate in other areas thanks to the capacity of our APIs.

Geolocation tools, whether it’s to locate your store, your product or to push personalised content thanks to geofencing, it will answer quickly and efficiently to your markets’ needs.

By applying to this program you’ll have access to additional 20k free credits on your Woosmap Pro Account every month, for the next 12 months.

  • Create a clear path for tech costs optimisation and its scalability!
  • With differentiators: unique APIs (like Store Locator, Geofencing, Indoor Mapping), a location platform (with Localities and Address APIs), fast display, vectorial map, data privacy, price, support and CS.

"The APIs offered by Woosmap have enabled us to improve our quality of service, particularly with remarkable performance in address geocoding. The ease of integration allowed us to complete our migration with confidence in less than 7 days."

Thierry Gengler

CTO, DeliverMe.City

Who can apply to Woosmap Accelerator Program for Startups?

You can apply if you are a startup that:

  • Was created less than a year ago,
  • Have raised less than 2M$€£,
  • Have a website (or at least a landing page describing your product).

*this apply only to startups with a Woosmap Pro Account. You can create one here.


"Woosmap monitoring tools and support helped us understand how to improve our Geocoding strategy. In the case of our applications these functionalities are critical to be able to operate."

Thierry Gengler

CTO, DeliverMe.City

Let’s go further into the second program…

Every quarter, we will select a couple of startups that applied for the program above to support them further.

We will select them base on the pitch delivered and ambitions regarding their market.

For a year, they will benefit of a free credits account, as well as:

  • Devrel technical meetings and optimisation workshops.
  • Direct access to our product team for product feedbacks.
  • 30 days data cache allowed.


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