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Our rich search tools allow you to suggest nearby addresses and your own Points of Interest, autocomplete on city names, suburb names, postcodes and full addresses, geocode your locations and develop high-quality search experiences.

Be it E-commerce, Retail, Financial services, Logistics, or Mobility, each industry has its relevant Point of Interest that matters and needs tailored search experience.

Woosmap Search products


Woosmap guarantees the most relevant, most likely results in a few characters, the address suggestion is fast and very flexible on typos and common abbreviations.

Geocoding - Reverse Geocoding

Lookup addresses by geographic coordinates or get human-readable address and components by giving latitude/longitude

Business focused

We offer APIs that take into account your business context in order to provide your users with the most relevant results: points of sale, postal codes, airports, complete addresses...

“Suggesting nearby addresses with just a few thumb taps, cuts sign-up time by up to 64% and increase conversion rates by up to 15%”

Google’s research, 2015. On mobile, complete form is especially frustrating, to avoid drop-off we can suggest several APIs relevant to your use case.

Address & postcode finder

Offering autocompletion on city names, postcodes and full postal addresses, in some countries allows you to speed up the customer journey:

suggest a list of proposals with the most relevant, the most likely results with only part of the name typed in.

Our search algorithms have a high tolerance for typos.

Woosmap Localities API


Get the exact latitude and longitude of an address, with the level of accuracy (Rooftop, Geometric center, interpolated): display it on a map or perform a proximity search.

Use also filters on a specific country and language to restrict your results to specific areas.

With Reverse Geocoding retrieves the human-readable address with the type of location.


Your own data

Search among your own geographical data:

Search your Points of Interest by distance to a place or by proximity to a route, by their custom attributes, by catchment area or by autocompletion on names.

Woosmap Store Search API

Automatic Geolocation

Retrieve visitor’s location to customise your website or use the nearest Point of Interest

Feature the relevant country, region and timezone, based on the IP address of your user, to use the appropriate currency, redirect to appropriate local website, display the availability of a product in the nearest point of sale or centre your map directly on the visitor’ geographical position.

Woosmap Geolocation API