Accurate Geolocation drives Higher Conversion

of customer journeys starts with a destination search based on your data

Highlight geolocation functionalities throughout the customer journey to improve your Conversion and Retention KPIs


Connect Hotel geolocations to your customer searches

Improving search relevance of your assets is a key element of the conversion funnel in the travel industry. This experience must be fast, mobile and must be geospatial. Woosmap Search API to optimize your conversion funnel, especially in the first steps of the customer where performance and relevance are key.

Woosmap Store Search API

Autocomplete search on your hotel data to reduce clicks in the conversion funnel

Woosmap Localities API

Improve Autocomplete experience to find and select destinations faster and smoother.

Woosmap Mapping JS API

Display thousands of places on a map on mobile web browser in order to improve inspiration and exploration of your destination maps. (Accor Hotels) hosts all its network of hotels on Woosmap and increased by 17% the conversion rate implementing a better personalization of the customer journey with Geolocation.


Build your own travel assistant

Provide personal and operational support to your users by giving them accurate location information is key to improve customer experience and make the difference.

Woosmap Distance Matrix API

Compute travel distances and time for a matrix of origins and destinations, including traffic to provide ETAs and alerts to your users.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

To track and predict travel times from or towards an airport from a mobile devices' location computed in the background

Woosmap Store Search API

Load your own data and build sophisticated customer experiences based on real time proximity analysis to the business POIs that matters to your business.

Airline companies have been working on ways to improve customer satisfaction for years. Many challenges they face include being part of their customers’ journey not only at the airport, but from their starting point. Woosmap APIs allow them to inform the user on travel time to airport when they have booked a flight in order to reduce friction and waiting time.

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