Accurate location drives higher conversion

Buying travel or accommodation services online requires a high level of location accuracy. Woosmap provides the best search, recommendation and checkout solutions to augment the customer experience and build loyalty.


Connect hotel locations to your customer searches

Improving search relevance of your assets is a key element of the conversion funnel in the travel industry. This experience must be fast, mobile and must be geospatial. Woosmap Search API combined with Google Places is the best combination on the market to optimize your conversion funnel, especially in the first steps.

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Woosmap Search

Display all your locations on the map

Showing distinctly all your location on a single map improves readability and performance on mobile and web. Woosmap Mapping API offers a new search experience to your customers that increases conversion and loyalty.

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Personalize with User Location

Improving local content to keep the user in the journey

To close the deal, you must show a lot of reassuring local content. Woosmap Js Lib is a geospatial engine that enables a display of your own proximity content, along with accurate directions and customized user interface to retain the customer into one single digital journey.

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Personalize with User Location

Smart Geofencing

Transforming your app into a travel companion requires advanced geofencing techniques, complying with GDPR. Woosmap Smart Geofencing SDK is battery friendly and helps you design cutting edge location triggers to improve your customer experience with contextual push notification or innovative travel services.

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Smart Geofencing

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