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Automatically retrieve and analyse the user’s background location, after permission is granted on a mobile app or a website, to offer location-based services while respecting their privacy and being GDPR compliant. Offer automated location-based services according to the proximity of your users to a Zone of Interest or to your Points of Interest.

Created by SBTSfrom the Noun Project

Privacy by design

Woosmap doesn’t collect any user’s data, your end users keep full control on it, the location data being locally stored on the device.

Battery friendly

Our SDK is optimized for low energy consumption.

Created by Nithinan Tatahfrom the Noun Project

Location-based trigger

Automatically get events on tailor-made geofences, with customisable frequencies.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Trigger an event to deliver the right push messages (through Airship, SalesForce or your own solution) at the right time and in the right place.

Create custom geofences, based on radius, custom polygon or Estimated Time of Arrival, manage user’s habits and recurring Zones of Interest, with our GDPR compliant and Privacy by design SDK.

Woosmap Geolocation API

Woosmap Geolocation API

A dual-function API for automated location services, on your website.

Automatically retrieve and analyse your user’s location thanks to the advanced Maxmind IP database and list your nearby points of sale.

Feature the suitable country, region, timezone, catchment area or initialise your map display around the end user and retrieve your own Points of Interest.