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Tutorials: Import Your Assets


To help you get started with Woosmap Data API, we have updated our knowledge base giving several examples of how to import your Assets from various file format and external applications. One of the quickest ways to learn Woosmap Data API is to look at existing sample codes to see how they are built. Here is our contribution in Asset management.

Import Files

Browse samples to parse your source Assets from various file format and convert them to the Woosmap required structure.

Import Native Woosmap JSON

Woosmap has a native JSON data structure. Once generated such a JSON file of your Assets, you can use a user-friendly dashboard, the Woosmap Console to push them, or make an HTTP POST request on Woosmap Data API.

Import Native Woosmap JSON

Import a CSV File

In this Python tutorial you will learn how to parse a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) using unicodecsv library, convert your Assets to Woosmap required structure and import them using POST method of Woosmap Data API.

 Import CSV File

Import an Excel File (.xlsx)

How to convert and import your Assets from an Excel File using the openpyxl library.

Import XLSX File

App Connection

Browse following code samples to connect your source Assets from an external service and convert them to the Woosmap required structure.

Connect from Google Sheet

Python script to connect to Google Sheets using OAuth 2.0, get your Assets from a private spreadsheet accessible with your authorized account, convert and import them to Woosmap.

Connect Google Sheet

Connect from your Google My Business Account

Connect to Google My Business using OAuth 2.0, call the Google API to get the data from your authorized account, convert and import them to Woosmap.

Connect Google My Business

Connect from Google Places

Connect to Google Places API using a Google API Key, query the desired locations, convert and import them to Woosmap.

 Connect Google Places

Useful Utilities

Validate your Assets with JSON-Schema

In this tutorial you will learn how to use JSON-Schema and the Python library jsonschema to validate your Assets to match the Woosmap required structure.

 Validate JSON Schema

To go even further in working with Woosmap API and manage your assets, please, do not hesitate to refer you as needed and explore our examples!