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Woosmap is a platform for developers to enable Location Intelligence in their website or app. Build the customer journeys that meets your needs thanks to the perfect combination of Woosmap APIs and Google Maps Platform APIs.

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Geolocation APIs

The Add-On APIs for getting the most of Google Maps Platform

Woosmap is the leading partner of Google Maps Platform. Our 360° approach to Geolocation Intelligence implementation gives you access to Google Maps Platform volume-based pricing, including technical support and business improvement recommendations, at no additional cost!

The Add-On APIs for getting the most of Google Maps Platform

Super Fast Response Time

We provide best-in-class API response because you should not have to worry about technical robustness.

Enterprise-grade SLA

Woosmap adapts to your velocity. May your projects be at startup phase or a million dollar sales per hour, you can rely on Woosmap and focus on your core business.

Included Best-In-Class Support

It is rooted in our DNA to provide the best care to our users. Technical questions, business optimization or code samples, our team is here to help!


of customer journeys can be optimized with Geolocation Intelligence

We perform a fast and reliable business implementation analysis of your website(s) for free. We use an ROI optimization approach with two axis: Geolocation Intelligence deployment opportunities and Total Cost of Ownership. The result will give you the insurance of getting the most of your Woosmap + Google Maps Platform implementation!

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Improve Drive-to-Store

Improve Drive-to-Store

Our all-in-one retailer solution allows industry leaders to provide a unified online experience with a powerful store locator, including every feature you need to get your users to easily identify where and when to visit your stores.

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Increase conversion with Automatic Geolocation

Increase conversion with Automatic Geolocation

Increasing onlines sales requires efficient customer journeys and seamless buying experiences. Using Woosmap Geolocation API enable you to automatically detect a visitor’s location and contextualize its closest store and/or pick-up point. Less clicks means more conversions!

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Improve Local Search with Autocompletion

Improve Local Search with Autocompletion

Woosmap Autocomplete APIs allow your users to easily query and retrieve your assets. Intelligent configurable predictions from Woosmap and Google Maps Platform APIs are key to reinsure your visitors when searching for products/services close to known places.

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Search sorted by Distance

Search sorted by Distance

Provide a custom made search results experience to your visitors, depending on your market verticals thanks to Woosmap Search API. We have built the best geospatial search engine for your hosted assets on Woosmap to offer a smooth experience and sort search results by distance that you can reorder thanks to Google Maps Distance Matrix API.

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