Win the Race to the Low Touch Economy

of consumers check products online before going to a store

A Store Locator will deliver its promise when the information remains updated. The symbiotic relationship of an online presence and offline stores is essential and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Store locators, once set, become a passive marketing tool that strengthens your overall omnichannel.

Personalize customer journeys

Digitized shopping has taken an increasing spot in the food and groceries sector these past years. This trend has been enforced by the COVID crisis and the need to move to low touch economy. Customers don’t just go buying food the way they would before, they seek a personal, smooth and secure experience.

Woosmap Localities API

Autocomplete on postal codes or localities to reduce the time to find nearby stores related to delivery zones or marketing territories.

Woosmap Store Search API and Distance API

Search stores by X:Y coordinates sorted by distance. Reorder the results using Estimated Time for Arrival from Woosmap Distance API.

Woosmap Store Locator

Display all the stores on a map and let the users search for their preferred one.

Worldwide leading retail brand Carrefour has decided to take full benefit of the Woosmap Localities API to power-up its Drive search bar, allowing clients to find their closest store in just a few characters.

Our IT department immediately took a liking to Woosmap’s products, especially because they are so easy to integrate and customise. Equally, positive feedback came from the UX team about the customer experience.

Jean Luca Santarelli

IT Tech Lead, Carrefour Italy

Optimize store selection and Click & Collect

DIY, Home Furnitures and Electronics companies are keen to provide a clear and detailed view of their product availability and collect options to prompt regular visits.

Woosmap Localities API and Address API

Improve autocomplete experience for stock-checking and checkout. for addresses autocompletion or postcode and cities selection.

Woosmap Store Search API and Woosmap Distance API

Calculate closest stores sorted by distance with Woosmap store hosting and Store Search API, reorder results to calculate accurate delivery options with Woosmap Distance.

Woosmap Geolocation API

Automate accurate web user geolocation. This will improve the user journey by: selecting the right country, setting the closest store, or feeding your CRM for geomarketing analysis.

Woosmap Store Locator

Improve the store locator experience of your user with an off the shelf solution that increases retention and Local SEO score in store pages.

Establishing a personalized relationship and journey with a user’s favorite store has been one of the challenges of European DIY retail brand Leroy Merlin. The Woosmap Store Locator Widget eases store favorite choice and automatically displays Click & Collect options on each product on the website.

The quality of the advice, willingness to help, speed of responding to our needs and sometimes even anticipating them are the reasons why a partnership launched in 2017 is still going strong today.

Luigi Cuviello

Digital Marketing Manager, Leroy Merlin Italia

Automate Geolocation on Product Pages

Bring your online and offline shopping experience to another level by automating stock checking and click and collect availability. The result will be an increased “add to cart” conversion rate!

Woosmap Geolocation API

Automate store selection with Woosmap accurate user Geolocation API. Best store option will be calculated in milliseconds in order to personnalise the product page.

Woosmap Localities API

Improve autocompletion data quality with Woosmap in order to increase conversion rates.

Woosmap Store Locator

Configure a mobile first store locator that will increase SEO and reduce friction in the store selection process.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Automate click and collect experience by sending notifications to the customer and the store when approaching the store with an order in place.

Decathlon has been improving the visitors’ in stock awareness by adding contextualization in the product pages to show visitors where and when they can pick-up a product at the closest stores from their geolocation. Bringing reinsurance in the customer journey is key!

After redesigning the geolocated checkout with Woosmap, the e-Commerce conversion rate increased by more than 50% in a year.

Sébastien Ribeil

e-Commerce domain manager, Etam Groupe

Store Locator at scale

Allowing your customers to find their preferred location at a glance is one of the key parameters for professionals of the food sector.

Woosmap Store Locator

Drive millions of customers to your restaurants by streaming thousands of locations on Google Maps with Woosmap Mobile first Store Locator Widget.

Woosmap Localities API

Improve Autocomplete experience for omnichannel click and collect, home delivery checkout, or restaurant visit options.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Automate click and collect experience by detecting proximity of the customer to a restaurant, or send contextual notifications based on user recurring geolocation in order to increase drive to shop.

Woosmap Geolocation API

Automate Restaurant selection in digital acquisition journeys.

By strengthening location-based services on its sites with Store Locator Widget and Localities API, Greene King is improving its bottom line in two ways: it is simultaneously cutting development costs and more effectively leading customers to its establishments.

The relationship between Greene King and Woosmap has been great, especially in terms of having open communication between the developers. Any questions our development team has had in terms of how to do something - we've always gotten great responses.

Alex Stanley

Product Owner, Greene King

Show your product Locations

Luxury brands, may it be beauty, care or even apparel tend to put a focus on a very smooth and personalized journey in their websites. Woosmap is the geolocation solution for showing Locations where consumers can find products, not only in the brand’s flagship store but also in the thousands of locations worldwide.

Woosmap Store Search API & Store Locator Widget

Display thousands of Locations on a map on mobile web browser in order to improve the where to find, where to buy the brand's products.

Woosmap Geolocation API

Automate Map display of the store locator in order to center the map at correct location and zoom level.

Woosmap Localities API

Improve Autocomplete experience for click and collect and home delivery checkout.

Global luxury brands often face the challenge of multiplying distribution channels across the world. May it be partners, special distributors, privately owned stores, popup stores… It requires a great amount of information gathering in order to remain up-to-date regarding opening hours, and all store related information.

Using Woosmap at to every stage of the customer journey (store search, cross-referencing of information to check stock availability in Click & Collect strategies, offers personalisation, push notifications on the mobile app, etc.) enables quicker and easier navigation.

Yannick Tremblais

API & Exchange Product Manager, Yves Rocher

Provide the best online to offline experience to your clients

It’s no secret that the automotive industry has been taking steps towards digitizing the customer’s journeys in the past decade. Car dealers must offer an outstanding experience for the single deal-closing visit a buyer makes to the dealership. Automating car repair time of arrival, closest maintenance facility, pay-as-you drive insurance or even connected car parking lots are all services enabled by location-based services and stakes for the automotive industry.

Woosmap Localities API

Ease dealership selection in order to find the closest location to test drive a car and close a deal. Reducing the number of clicks is strategic to raise conversions.

Woosmap Geolocation API

Automatically detect the closest dealer or service location from the customer's location.

Woosmap Store Locator

Offer a seamless online to offline experience from the website to the car dealership thanks to a customized Store Locator.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Smart geofencing detection based on background geolocation, with in-app notification to enhance driver experience. the uses cases are: providing services based on geolocation (like parking at destination), improve the maintenance process, automate emergency response (Towing ETA) or reduce costs of fleet management.

Kia Dealers offer a great range of new and approved used cars, special offers and car service checks. A Google study shows that a buyer would go on average 1.3 times to a dealership before acquiring a vehicle (3 times more compared to a few years back). Let customers easily find Kia Dealerships in their area is now a critical success factor. Kia relies on Woosmap technology to enable this.

Solid software for displaying maps or locations and location information as well as filtering.

Sven Weber

IT Marketing Manager, Autohaus

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