Location matters to Digital Banking

User experience is the key of digitalisation of financial services. Woosmap Location Intelligence will help you building smart customer experience based on their proximity to the services provided by your brand.

Woosmap Bank Use Case

Engage customers with Local Mobile Marketing

Transforming your app into an assistant requires to master advanced geofencing techniques, respecting GDPR compliance. Woosmap Smart Geofencing SDK, battery friendly, helps your designing cutting edge location triggers to improve your customer experience with contextual push notifications to augment the value of your digital banking service.

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Personalize with User Location

Improve your Digital Local Presence

Digitalisation means a lot of opportunities to improve the local experience of your customers. Where is the closest open branch or ATM are frequent questions that you must answer faster. Woosmap Platform provides a set of APIs and Widgets to build your store locator in order to increase the ease to search find and visit your Local Services.

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