Geolocation Intelligence matters to Digital Banking & Insurance

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of smartphone owners use an app to manage their finances.

Bringing geolocation to your Banking or Insurance app to power up your digital services and offers will improve your call center costs and will help innovate with new products.

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Clydesdale Bank has hosted all of their branches using Woosmap Platform and has significantly reduced the time it takes for a customer to find the most convenient service.


Digitalization of Banking

Banks are not just a part of our day to day, they have a significant role in our lives. For many people, not a single day ends without a financial transaction. It may it be a quick purchase in a local store, or an online shopping expense for instance. Connected banking always tries to adopt the latest technologies to enhance customer experience, and geolocation is a critical part of the process.
  • Google Places API and Woosmap Localities API

    Improve Autocomplete experience to find and choose local branches more efficiently on desktop and smartphones.

  • Woosmap Search API

    Host, query and display closest branches from a specific location, on large retail networks. Build and deploy your very own Branch Locator across customer journeys.

  • Woosmap Store Locator Widget

    Configure and deploy a best in class Branch locator or ATM Locator supporting 14 languages in no time.

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Online banking is on the rise and offering reinsurance on payment tools, along with enriched notifications and expense list has become an increasing priority for all actors. May it be native apps or analytics apps to help end users manage their budgets, Woosmap can benefit entities sector-wide.


Reduce Fraud with Transaction Clarity

Enriching transaction data with geolocated content can reduce the risk of fraud by making sure customers are aware of the location where their payment tools are used. Along with a better control of their finance, this brings reinsurance to clients. As bank frauds increased over the past few years so did the call center costs. Thanks to Woosmap Geolocation Intelligence APIs banks avoid these unnecessary expenses.

  • Woosmap Geofencing SDK

    Automatically track background position and analyse transactions geolocation in real time to enrich mobile notification or expense list

  • Google Places API

    Match retrieved locations by the Woosmap Geofencing SDK with nearby points of interest and details from Google Places Search API

  • Woosmap Search API

    Load your very own data and enrich customer experience with Geolocation context.

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Transforming your app into a virtual insurance assistant requires advanced geofencing techniques, complying with GDPR. Our SDK being available Open Source, you are always in control of your data.


Instant Insurance

The constant digitization of our society creates new opportunities for the insurance industry. Woosmap helps professionals to design new products based on consumers’ mobility profile. Connect the movements of your customers to your app to optimize your offers. Woosmap Geofencing SDK is battery friendly and helps design cutting edge location triggers to improve your customer experience with contextual push notification or innovative insurance services.

  • Geofencing SDK

    Track and analyze user behavior to provide them with accurate insurance offers in real time

  • Google Places API

    Enrich customer knowledge by attaching points of interest to their daily life to better segment

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