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Geofencing Platform with SDK: Personalise the Customer Experience

Offer a highly personalised physical and digital customer experience

Improve your mobile customer journey and increase customer satisfaction by identifying your app user's location through mobile app (Andoid or iOS) and triggering events based on geofence monitoring.

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) automatically generates and monitors geofences to contextualise your push notifications so that they’re sent at the right time and in the right place.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Advanced Features of Woosmap Geofencing Solution

Our clients choose Woosmap Geofencing SDK for 3 core reasons

Designed for privacy

All the analysis is done and maintained in the mobile app's local database hence no data is exchanged with third parties nor stored on the server side, fully protecting the user’s privacy.

Unlimited geofences

Go beyond the native limits of iOS and Android in terms of number of geofences: in addition to distance-based geofences, Woosmap supports time-based (isochrone) and recurrent one’s.

Battery friendly

With 4 dedicated tracking profiles to minimise battery consumption, geolocation works even if the app is killed or device restarted.

Create innovative services with Geofencing software

Add a location-based dimension to your notification scenarios

  1. Generate and send advanced geofencing data in real time to the push notification platform.
  2. The push notification platform integrates this data in the Journey Composer.
  3. Based on journeys and automation, location-based app messages are delivered to customers in real time.
  4. Monitor all campaigns and track your ROIs with platform-enabled geofencing software.

Create innovative services with Geofencing software

A field-proven geo-tracking solution for

Curbside pick-up

The ETA from the SDK allows you to offer a convenient curbside experience with customer arrival detections and minimised time for order pickups.


Location-based promotions generate more traffic in shops thanks to contextualised messages, they get 2 times more clicks than traditional notifications. Try this competitive strategy for advertising.


Send notifications to customers when their delivery is close by. Predict the order’s estimated time of arrival or use a real-time map so customers can track their delivery.

Fraud detection

Strengthen customers’ trust by making them aware of where and when the release of cash took place.

Define isochrone geofence

Woosmap Geofencing SDK automatically generates and monitors Geofences and Zones of Interest

Take advantage of unlimited events based on:

  • Distance-based geofences (radius, polygons)
  • Time-based geofences (ETAs, Isochrone polygons)
  • Recurrent geofences (tracking home/work)

to enrich your services with a geographical dimension.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK automatically generates and monitors Geofences and Zones of Interest

4 tracking profiles to optimise battery consumption

To strike a balance between collection frequency and battery efficiency, depending on your usage:

  • Passive” tracking for use in geomarketing
  • Visit” tracking for detecting users’ recurrent locations
  • Live” tracking for curbside pick-up or delivery usage
  • Custom” tracking for collecting locations at a customised frequency and remote profile updates.

4 tracking profiles to optimise battery consumption

Retrieve nearby stores

Retrieve points of interest around the user’s location, automatically sorted by proximity.

Detect Recurring visits

For a more geomarketing approach and for an enriched CRM, our SDK provides automatic visits and Zones of interest (ZOI) detections. As a result, you can provide services or offers tailored to where people live or work. Bring your marketing & advertising strategy to the next level!

Retrieve points of interest around the user’s location, automatically sorted by proximity.

Connectors & Plugins

Take your Customer Engagement Platform a step further. Add a geographical dimension to your notification scenarios: create geographic triggers on user’s devices from one centralised spot with Woosmap Geofencing SDK.

Woosmap’s SDK supports hybrid plugins i.e. Cordova and ReactNative.

Woosmap SDK for Cordova
Woosmap SDK for React native


Geofences are virtual perimeters around geographic areas, a location or a store, which could be a distance or time-based radius around a latitude and longitude. You can define any type of geofence around your Point of Interest, the size and shape will mostly depend on your target and the location.

Geofencing: a solution that sets off events once the user’s device enters and/or exits the monitored region - a geofence. Events can then be used to trigger push notification or specific behaviour in a mobile app.

The Woosmap Geonfencing SDK is a tool that simplifies the integration of geofencing in your mobile application. Once implemented in your app, even when in “background mode”, Geofencing SDK will monitor user’ location behaviours. Plus, the SDK was created to preserve the battery of your device while geolocalise users.

Once a geofence is crossed, the application can be programmed to send actions, such as sending a push notification to the user or displaying location-based information for example.

On our documentation you can find all instructions depending on your platform development. For an easy integration on mobile you can have access to a React-Native Plugin or the Flutter, in addition to the Native SDK.

The Geofencing SDK can be useful to improve the customer experience but also to improve the internal logistic of a venue or a restaurant. Indeed, for retail industries which offer Click & Collect services, knowing that the customer is near the collecting point can be useful to manage a smooth delivery.

Another example, for a fast food services, monitoring clients’ devices to know when they’re near in order for them to get a hot meal and avoid wait.

Geofencing can also be used for marketing campaigns. Reaching the right person at the right time can be more efficient with location-based solutions. Once the geofence around a shop is crossed, you can send targeted promotion content with location context.

Yes, it is possible. Woosmap developed a technology specifically to not have limitations. You can monitor geofences around an unlimited number of points/venue/shops.

You can implement one of the following connector to connect to your Customer Engagement Platform and create dedicated push mobile notifications as someone enters your geofence. Take a look at our documentation on: Airship, Marketing Cloud Integration, or Batch.

Yes, the SDK offers you different tracking profiles that allows you to strike a balance between accuracy, frequency and battery efficiency depending on your use case. Read our documentation for more detailed information.

Unlike our competitors who also deliver geofencing technology, the Woosmap Geofencing SDK collects and stores users' locations and visits solely in the mobile app's local database. There is no server-side collection or treatment processes by Woosmap. This ensures that businesses have control over their data and can manage it according to their specific needs and privacy policies.

Yes, you can and this is one of the main goals of our Geofencing SDK. Our SDK allows to monitor user location (gps data), with user permission / location opt-in, when the application is in background or not even running.

Thanks to this position tracking functionality, our SDK can effectively monitor virtual geofences' entry, exit, and visits, providing valuable insights for businesses in managing their geofencing areas to this position tracking.