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Address Autocomplete BigCommerce app

How to improve your BigCommerce Checkout?

With autocomplete, avoid continuously cleaning your data and do not deal with terabytes of data to host.

A faster checkout form minimises frictions and helps to reduce cart abandonment.

The Woosmap Bigcommerce app is designed to work flawlessly with the "Optimized One-Page Checkout" of Bigcommerce.

Thanks to the autocomplete of Woosmap Address Finder you prevent re-delivery: address is corrected before entering your system!

Adapt carrier options according to the shipping address (eg next day delivery, etc..).

Limit invalid entry

Avoid redelivery costs and additional delays thanks to UK addresses accuracy. Insert the right sections of the address in the right fields.

Improve UX of checkout

Shorten form fill with correct and formatted addresses to avoid drop-off on mobile.

Shipping to the UK

30 million addresses & 1.8 million postcodes from the Royal Mail PAF & MR datasets.


If you ship worldwide, our easy-to-integrate API provides 270 million addresses in over 70 countries.


Woosmap does not capture or store your customers' contact details, addresses, location or IP address. No legal compliance issues with our solution.

Big Data right at your fingertips

Because raw data isn’t enough, our autocomplete algorithm sorts, parses and analyses big datasets to find the most relevant results with just a few letters and displays the most likely results first. 

Support included in Pro offer

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Address autocomplete

The best data in the UK

Are you shipping to the UK and want to avoid extra delivery costs?

Get the right UK address, first time, every time!

Address lookup

Differentiate addresses, at flat level accuracy, bearing the same postal code: it’s so comprehensive, you can search for names and numbers of buildings and premises.

UK postcodes

Retrieve addresses, at flat level accuracy, associated with the UK's 1.8 million postcodes.

BigCommerce shipping form

Test autocomplete on a UK address

Type in a UK address

Type in an address
curl "\
  -H 'referer: http://localhost/'

Onboard Woosmap

1. In the Bigcommerce marketplace, search for Woosmap app
2. Get this app and install it in your BigCommerce Store Dashboard
3. Then open a new tab and head to create an account,
4. Create a new project, activate Woosmap Localities UK addresses add-on,
5. Add to project “Woosmap Localities UK addresses add-on” and copy Woosmap Project API Key
6. Paste key in the BigCommerce control panel