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Get details on Credits

Credits are counted each time a query is made to a Woosmap API. It ranges from 0.1 to 5 credits per query, and all credits are pooled in the same counter for your Enterprise licence.


A dedicated search engine for your own data

Search for your points of interest by their proximity to a location, a route, by their characteristics or by autocomplete on their name.

Manage your assets: 2 cdts (creation, update, deletion)

Request for your assets: 0.1 cdt (search with all supported parameters)

Mapping of assets on a map: 1 cdt per mapload (whatever the number of asset)


Find the right address and speed up the customer journey with autocompletion

Offer autocomplete on addresses, city names, suburb names, postcodes and more. Search on full words as well as substrings, with high flexibility on typos.

The best data in the UK and in France with autocomplete on full addresses.

Geocode/reverse Geocoding with city, suburb names, postcodes and addresses accuracy levels.

Autocomplete : 0 cdts (no charge on suggestions)

Details on autocomplete suggestions

- Lat/Long for City, suburb, postcodes, addresses: 2 cdts

- UK addresses (address components): 5 cdts

- FR addresses (address components): 3 cdts

Geocode/reverse geocoding

- City names, suburb names, postcodes, addresses: 1 cdt 

- UK addresses: 3 cdts

- FR addresses: 1.5 cdts

Woosmap Localities UK addresses add-on not included in the 40k Free credits/month. Usage is chargeable from the first request.


Automatic Geolocation based on IP addresses

Retrieve visitor’s location, based on their IP addresses, to customise your website or recommend your nearest Point of Interest. Get in addition, country, region or timezone information, to build location-based funnels.

Get location of a user: 0.4 cdt 

Get stores closeby a user: 0.4 cdt (retrieve location of a user and all assets hosted in Woosmap based on his location - store search request included)


Get distance or time for your routes worldwide with or without traffic

Get road distance and duration between origins and destinations, for a simple journey or for matrix computations. Specify the expected travel mode for route calculation (driving, cycling, walking) and get detailed path to display on a map.

Get isochrone computations to display on a map.

Retrieve road travel distances and durations with real-time and historical/predictive traffic, for simple journey or matrix computations.

Route calculation: 0.5 cdt (up to 25 waypoints)

 Distance Matrix calculation: 0.5 cdt (per request, up to 200 elements)

Isochrone calculation: 0.5 cdt (per request, 1 isochrone per request)

Route calculation with traffic: 2 cdts (up to 25 waypoints)

Distance Matrix calculation with traffic: 2 cdts (per element, up to 200 elements)


Display your data without compromising readability

Get a vector basemap, with smooth navigation and fast loading, optimised for mobile.Woosmap Map is able to display buildings in 3D.

Leverage built in interactions with the Store Search API for mapping of your Points of Interest.

Display a basemap: 0.5 cdt (no matter the number of tiles loaded)


Get time and path for travels using public transportation.

Get distance, duration, path and public transport details between an origin and a destination, based on public tranportation.

Route calculation: 2 cdts (per request)


Map private venues and propose indoor search and wayfinding.

Propose indoor maps to help visitors find services, products or your store from a mobile or a desktop.

Enable indoor search and turn-by-turn navigation based on mobility profiles!

Manage your POIs and venue from dedicated APIs.

Request for your POIs: 0.4 cdt (per request)

Display an indoor map: 4 cdts (per request)

Indoor route calculation: 4 cdts (per request)

Indoor matrix calculation: 4 cdts (per element)

Manage your venue: 4 cdts (per request)

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