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LV= General Insurance’s « ElectriX » service supports electric car drivers, with Woosmap’s charging points mapping

"With ElectriX, LV= can support people and businesses on their journey to electric cars. Our service is a one-stop shop to drive, charge, and insure an electric car as easily as possible. We worked with Woosmap on the mapping of EV charging points to help people make an informed switch to EVs and provide reliable information about charging stations that are fast, safe, and accessible to use."

Gill Nowell,
Head of EV Communications at LV= General Insurance and ElectriX

In 2022, ElectriX, part of LV= General Insurance (LV= GI), launched a one-stop shop offering drivers everything they need to get on the road with an electric car - from leasing a vehicle, through to buying a home charger and getting electric car insurance. Almost one year on, ElectriX has now chosen Woosmap as the source of the ElectriX mapping service, providing visibility of charging points across the UK to give drivers the confidence to go electric.

Electrix Charging Map

ElectriX provides a reliable mapping of EV charging stations

By 2030, new petrol cars will no longer be available for purchase in the UK, but now is already a good time to switch to an electric car, with over 46,000 public EV chargers (as of June 2023) and a government target of 300,000 - 700,000 by 2030. Despite this rapid growth of public and private charging infrastructure, many British car owners fear a lack of charging points. Moreover, 40% of UK households don’t have access to home EV chargers and even with recent EV models offering longer mileages on a single charge, “range anxiety” still remains.

The ElectriX service aims to address those concerns by providing a reliable mapping of available charging points. LV= is already a leading provider of electric car insurance and roadside assistance in the UK after it launched the UK’s first dedicated EV insurance in 2019.

LV= launched ElectriX in partnership with CBVC Vehicle Management (leasing experts) and customers can now select their electric car and be on the road, often within 30 days. ElectriX customers can also choose their home charger from Indra (smart home charging solutions).

A unique and user-friendly mapping

Europe is the world’s second-largest market for electric vehicles with 2.6 million EVs sold in 2022, and the UK EV market is booming (with over 780 000 units sold). LV=’s ElectriX service sought to improve its mapping with better coverage of the European market and more flexibility in using the mapping API to build a unique proposition in terms of design and functionality.

Woosmap’s API, with its Store locator Widget, appeared as the right solution in terms of coverage, flexibility, ease of integration, and personalisation. Woosmap’s API is also mobile-friendly, with a responsive display, for consumers searching for the nearest charging points on the road.

We want to do everything we can to make the journey of having an electric car as simple as possible, so it made perfect sense to work with Woosmap and help provide drivers with crucial information about charging stations. Working with Woosmap we’ve been able to take their “white labelling” approach, redesign the map interface and create our own unique and user-friendly mapping.” Gill Nowell, Head of EV Communications at LV= General Insurance and ElectriX.

Easy integration through APIs

When LV= launched ElectriX, at the end of 2022, around 25 000 charge points were available in the UK. Now more than 89 000 EV connectors are displayed on its map (as of July 2023) and this network is still growing. Hundreds of public and private EV charging station operators are connecting thousands of new charging points to the network each month.

To aggregate information about EV charging points, in a user-friendly map and in real-time, Woosmap works with Eco-Movement, the leading charging station data platform in Europe.

To keep his coverage accurate, up-to-date, and in real-time, Woosmap works with data aggregators and more than 94 charge point operators in the UK. This currently represents data for more than 75 000 charging points in the UK. Woosmap is also connected with European data providers for more than 780 000 charging stations in Europe.

ElectriX Charging Point Information

ElectriX’s roads for the future

LV= plans to make more relevant information available to EV car owners and enthusiasts through its ElectriX service. Future evolutions of its EV map could display new filtering options to help simplify the choice of EV charge points.

“Our core proposition is to give you everything you need to get you on the road. So we need to understand what the customer experience really is for EV drivers and enthusiasts. The ElectriX service and its mapping tool are key to helping car owners navigate the changes. And we will also need this mapping to evolve with the needs of consumers, in the B2C and B2B markets.”

Gill Nowell
Head of EV Communications at LV= General Insurance and ElectriX

On the B2B side, businesses can already benefit from incentives and specific tax rates when they switch to EVs. And many companies now understand that EVs can help them achieve sustainability goals and improve staff retention through business and salary sacrifice schemes – both of which ElectriX offers, together with personal leasing. With ElectriX’s services, blog, and map, LV= can contribute to this larger conversation about social and environmental impact.