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[Replay Webinar] Taking a customer from web store to shop door


“80% of consumers check products online before going to a store” - Key number from our Top 100 UK online retailers benchmark and best checkout practices.

On December 8th 2022, Woosmap and Localistico organised a webinar in collaboration about how to increase your conversion rate from Web to Store.

In this session attendees have been shown:

  1. Best practices to ensure your stores can be easily found around the world,
  2. Insights and demos on how to display relevant store information on a map,
  3. How to centralise, control across all digital platforms and publish information in one click.

Kevin Delvino, Head of Sales - North & Central Europe at Woosmap, and Martin Victor, Enterprise Account Executive at Localistico, hosted this 30-minute webinar. You can watch the replay below!

Access Kevin & Martin's presentation here

Learn more about the challenges of the retail sector overcome by geolocation solutions with the interview of Sara Zanocchio, Head of Sales South Europe and D-A-CH.

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