Reduce clicks in the Web Journey

Woosmap helps you automating user location or store selection in the Customer Journey. By auto-selecting the best store for your user, the conversion rate of your site will increase dramatically.

Woosmap Geo-Targeting

Optimize Mapping API Costs

As one of the best Worldwide Google Maps partners, we know how to drive our customers to get the best of their mapping API to improve customer journeys. Automating Store Selection means using less geocoding, autocompletion or map display credits used. So you will keep control on your Google Maps Platform budget!

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Automate User Location

Automate User Location

With Woosmap Recommendation API, you will be able to automate store selection for your site. Based on Woosmap database of millions of cookies, the Recommendation API returns two different datas: The estimate X:Y coordinates of the user’s Zone Of Interest (to feed your own store search API), or a list of stores sorted by distance (if you have loaded your data in Woosmap Cloud).

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Personalize with User Location

Store Locator Widget

Save time by implementing a best in class mobile first Store Locator that will make sure you use your Google Maps Licence with the best practices. The Woosmap Store Locator Widget supports 7 languages and is highly configurable in terms of colors, icons, Google Maps Options, result lists and store details.

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Personalize with User Location

Store Locator Js Library

In some cases you may need to use Woosmap Store Locator Js Library in order to build your own store, pickup, hotel,… search experience. The Js Library will give you the best mapping, search and directions tools to make your project a success.

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Build your own Store Locator

Data Management and Search API

Woosmap Platform provides a real sophisticated Store data model that you can extend at your convenience. All the data that you host in Woosmap Platform Projects is easy to update and search client side or server side. Woosmap Search API powerful geospatial functions like geographical distance or intersection with delivery areas associated to a store, with the best SLA on the market.

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Personalize with User Location

China Mainland Hosting

Deploying an advanced Store Locator in China Mainland is a challenge for developers. That’s the reason why we deployed a new Woosmap Cloud Instance in China Mainland. This instance supports the Store Search & Data Management API and the Store Locator Js Library, supporting Baidu Maps as the Mapping API.

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Woosmap for Baidu

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