Woosmap Store Search

Search by distance

  • Retrieve points of interest which are near the user to customise their experience and save them time. Sort the results based on their proximity to the user’s location.
  • Regardless of the number of points of sale you have, our API offers a quick response time to retrieve nearby points of interest.

Search by name

  • Provide autocompletion for the names of your points of interest: our algorithm selects the most relevant results in a few keystrokes, even when just part of the name is typed in.
  • An appropriate point of sale is suggested quickly, even in response to typical mistakes and abbreviations.

Search on stores name

Search by catchment area

  • Assign a geographic area to each of your businesses and list the points of interest which are part of a certain area.
  • Guide your user to the appropriate retailer based on their geographical location, such as their catchment area or delivery zone.

Search by property

  • Search for a relevant point of interest using its characteristics or custom attributes: develop filters for your business data (such as available services), with unrestricted types and rendering in the form of images or texts.
  • Filter shops which are currently open, display opening hours in real time and more.

search by property

Search close to a route

  • By integrating our APIs, you can search and display your locations which are close to a particular route.

search close to a route


Is it feasible to update hundreds of businesses all together?

REST API can be used for bulk updates of hundreds of businesses at once : some of our clients host up to 80,000 businesses. Optimise your back office by having one database instead of multiple databases which are split by country.

Can I update a single store?

Yes, with a Woosmap console editor, you can change a point of sale's information in one click.

Can the API handle traffic peaks ?

We have lots of experience in handling traffic peaks. In just 5 minutes on the first day of lockdown in 2020, we experienced a traffic peak which was 20 times higher than the usual average peak, without any downtime.

We work with retail customers and we regularly deal with the annual Black Friday peak without any problems.

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