Smart Geofencing for your App

Turning your Mobile App into a Location Based Assistant is a big challenge for Brands. Woosmap Platform provides a powerful low battery consuption SDK, realtime Geotargeting algorithms and a highly configurable campaign & triggers management system. All GDPR Compliant.

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Battery Friendly

Building a real time location assistant means collecting many location data points from the smartphone GPS / WIFI. Woosmap Mobile App SDK makes sure it wont eat your users battery while collecting enough data in order to serve your user (after getting his opt-in of course!).

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Local Marketing campaigns

Sending push notifications based on basic geofencing is very limited. Most of the time your user has his smartphone in the pocket when approaching the targeted location and won’t see the notification. Woosmap Mobile App SDK builds the location profile of your user so you can target a better moment to send a notification that will convert 50% more!

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Location Intelligence Triggers

Connect Woosmap Location intelligence triggers to your backend and build innovative products to better serve your customer and improve logistics.

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GDPR Compliance

Woosmap is based on the 5 pillars of GDPR for Location Data. Our team is here to drive you through the compliance process of your deployment.

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Google Cloud Ready

Connect Woosmap Geofencing SDK triggers to your Google Cloud services and stream location intelligence to your Firebase, Big Query, Cloud Functions or your App.

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GCP Ready

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