Transportation & Mobility

Optimizing location costs is they key to any ridesharing platform offering a good client experience.

Transportation & Mobility


uber rides take place everyday

All of which a location powered to sort ETA, distance and driver availability.

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Uber, Maven, BlaBlaCar, Lyft, Ola – all these shared mobility companies exist thanks to location-based technologies. Location intelligence capabilities spur business models of ridesharing or hailing.


Adding a reliable source of geolocation to your app is key!

In an era of transparency and ultra-competitive market, ridesharing companies must double up their effort of providing the best user experience there can be. A single flaw in the booking experience can lead to a loss of a client, all in the blink of an eye. Fueling up the backbone of your ride sharing software with secure, reliable and easy to use geolocation data can make the difference both user side, and operations wise.

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