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The constant digitalization of our society creates new opportunities for the insurance industry. Woosmap helps professionals to design new products based on consumers’ mobility profile. Connect the movements of your customers to your app to optimize your offers or build new real-time insurance products.

Woosmap Insurance Use Case

Personalize with user location

Transforming your app into a virtual insurance assistant requires advanced geofencing techniques, complying with GDPR. Woosmap Smart Geofencing SDK is battery friendly and helps you design cutting edge location triggers to improve your customer experience with contextual push notification or innovative insurance services.

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Personalize with User Location

Automating The Store Locator

Modern responsive store locators are a key differenciator to drive more customers to your agencies. Woosmap Store Locator Widget displays all agencies’ visit options automatically which allows your customers to decide where to meet you in just a second!

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Personalize with User Location

Optimize your Mapping API budget

Automating agency selection means using less geocoding, autocompletion or map display credits. That way, you can keep control of your Google Maps Platform budget!

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