Improve customer journeys with local context

In our digital era, user experience is key. Location Intelligence is a great technology to automate your customer experience by adding location context. With Woosmap you will accelerate the deployment of geolocation with an increase of the ROI of your digital journey.

Woosmap Mobile Journeys

Accelerate Click & Collect

Add automated product stock check based on Woosmap Recommendation API. With its database of more than 300M location profiles Woosmap will automate the store selection so you will be able build UX that generates 15% additional conversion.

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Personalize with User Location

Start the user journey with a great search experience

Woosmap + Google Maps are the best combination of APIs to build the best search experience for your user. Woosmap Postcodes & Localities search, autocompletion on your store data, and search in the great Google Maps Places database, are the best in class tools to build the best in class conversion funnel.

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Personalize with User Location

Location Intelligence Triggers for your App

Connect Woosmap Location Intelligence Triggers to your Marketing Automation platform like SalesForce Marketing Cloud. Build innovative communication messages based on Woosmap advanced targeting scenarios based on place proximity analysis or visited places.

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Personalize with User Location

Improve your store locator

The store locator is a key component of your omnichannel strategy. Woosmap Widgets and javascript APIs will help you and your tech team to deploy a responsive store locator. The Woosmap store locator solution provides a store data management backoffice and a local store page management that takes your local SEO to the next level.

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Need a Google Maps Platform subscription?

Woosmap is part of Web Geo Services, the European leader of Google Maps partners. By assembling Google Maps Platform with Woosmap platform, we make sure that you get the best functional and financial offer on the market. In average our customers save 50% of their budget while accelerating the deployment of Location Intelligence in their digital platforms. Our company is awarded by the lowest churn rate of the market, close to 0.

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