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Data Policy

This is where you can learn about Woosmap, the technologies and services we offer to our Clients, and our data collection and privacy policies.

Our activity

Woosmap helps brands, e-commerce sites promote their stores, services and products based on your location when visiting websites or using a mobile app.

How do our services work?

Woosmap does not use any data that allows us to identify you directly, such as your first and last name, postal address, email address, in plain text.

When you browse one of our Client’s website that uses our technologies, that technology allows our Clients to get an estimated location for you (if you already browsed one of our Client’s website). Otherwise, our technology allows our Clients to push a limited amount of data relating to your location when browsing. Find out more about the type of data collected by Woosmap. This location data is linked to a unique identifier, namely an identification cookie or any other similar technology (such as mobile advertising identifiers for mobile app) depending on your navigation environment.

With this data, based on our recommendation algorithms, we can provide to a Client an estimated location for you the next time you browse a Client’s website in order to help him locally personalise your journey.

Practical example

Here is one way our technology allows our Client to provide you Geolocation Intelligence in your web journey:

When users visit a Client website which includes our technologies, this Client can share location data users may have share with him, after users accepted cookies.

Example of data collected by Woosmap:

  • The user with the cookie identifier abc8b227-c59e-441d-920e-7015e6516e5e (let’s name it “WOOS ID abc” for convenience) visited the store locator on 11/12/2019 at 15:19 and performed a search for a city (e.g. “Milano”) while browsing a the website of Client A.

Our technologies compare this data with a possible location profile available for this WOOS ID abc.

Example of location profile data available:

  • WOOS ID abc visited store pages Milano North, Milano Plaza, Milano Central Station on the website of a Client B
  • WOOS ID abc selected a Click&Collect point at Milano City Hall on the website of Client C.

When users WOOS ID abc browses other Clients websites, those Clients may request Woosmap for a location or stores near WOOS ID abc.

Then our algorithms determine the relevant location or stores based on data of his location profile to help Clients displaying contextualized services or products.

Example of use a Client can do with Woosmap location data:

  • Center the map of the Store Locator on the estimated location of user WOOS ID abc, in the exemple Milano
  • Automatically propose the 5 closest stores to WOOS ID abc and his estimated location in Milano, when he’s arriving on the Store Locator page
  • Automatically affect the closest store to WOOS ID abc in his web journey to display only services or products available in Milano and its vicinity.
  • Check in real time closest stock availability for a product WOOS ID abc is browsing on to propose the best Click&Collect experience near Milano.

If you disable Woosmap services, our Clients will not be able to personalize your journey based on your estimated location. You will then have to search by yourself products, services or stores close to your location. If you want to disable Woosmap services, click here.

Please note that the use of our technologies on our Clients’ websites is governed by their privacy policies, which can be accessed directly from their websites. We require them to provide you with complete and appropriate information and, to the extent required by law, to obtain your consent before any of your personal information is made available to us.

Our technologies are able to work only if you accept third party cookies supported by most web browsers.

We believe that the local contextualisation of web journeys is beneficial to you by providing services, products, stores that can really be available to you. Therefore you can benefit from the best customer experience Clients’ websites can provide.

Disable Woosmap Services

Our privacy pillars

We have developed our services and technologies taking great care to respect your privacy.

Data minimisation

We undertake never to use any data that allows us to identify you directly, such as your first and last name, postal address, email address in plain text, etc. Without ever being able to identify you personally, our technologies are able to recognize your devices and/or browsers on the basis of an identifier consisting of a series of characters (identifier contained in a cookie or other). However, these data are qualified as personal data by European regulations. As such, they are the subject of our greatest vigilance in terms of security and respect for your privacy. Eventually, location datas are automatically deleted at last, 13 months after being collected.

Privacy by design

Our product team develops every feature with privacy in mind; it’s the cornerstone of Privacy by Design, Woosmap’s long-standing practice and commitment to ensuring industry-leading privacy, security and safety for consumers.

Key elements include:

  • As required by the GDPR, we have had a designated Data Privacy Officer since 2017 along with a team of privacy experts.
  • These experts sit within the Product and R&D organization. They perform ongoing Privacy Impact Assessments to monitor potential risks during the product lifecycle and proactively mitigate those risks.
  • The Data Privacy team delivers company-wide privacy training, enforces codes of conduct, and is integral to ensuring that we build best-in-class products and services.
  • We regularly review and document our internal policies, amend existing privacy policies as necessary, and enforce these policies with our Clients.

Woosmap’s commitments

Our services do not require:

  • To collect data that allows us to identify you directly, such as your first and last name, your postal address, or your email address in plain text.
  • To collect sensitive information (such as religion, political opinion, health or sexual orientation …), only location data is collected.
  • To collect irrevocable identifiers, such as the hardware identifiers of the devices you use (UDID or MAC address, etc.).
  • To collect data related to your precise geolocation in real time without you having shared voluntarily and punctually your location through your web browser.

Woosmap imposes a high level of requirements to its Clients

We contractually require that Clients with whom we work to comply with the various regulations applicable to the protection of personal data, and in particular the GDPR.

By using the Woosmap Services, Clients undertake, where the applicable regulations require it:

  • to include on their websites the appropriate notice and information, allowing users to know more about our services and to object to them through this notice; and
  • to collect the consent of users prior to the placement of cookies or any similar technology for the purpose of locally contextualise web journeys.

In order to help our Clients meet their legal and contractual obligations, we regularly share industry best practices with them.


The identity and contact details of the controller

The company responsible for processing personal data in relation to our services is Web Geo Services, A French limited company with a capital of 362,301 Euros, Registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number B 514 073 998, Whose registered office is located at 43, Place Vauban 34000 Montpellier.

Web Geo Service (providing the Woosmap Services) acts as a co-controller together with its clients and Clients. This is justified by the fact that the collection of personal data, as well as the collection of your consent in cases where the applicable regulations provide for it, takes place on their respective websites and applicable mobile devices that we do not control. As such, our contractual agreements with them provide that they are responsible to inform you of the presence of our technologies on their websites, collecting your consent for the collection and use of your location data to provide you with locally contextualised services and offering you an easy way to disable our services.

The contact details of the Data Protection Officer

By post: Web Geo Services - Data Protection Officer – @7 Center – Bâtiment C 621, rue Georges Méliès
34000 Montpellier.

By email: [email protected]

The purposes of the processing for which your personal data is intended

All of our personal data processing activities are aimed at providing our Clients with location data to help them locally contextualise their users’ web journeys.

In countries where applicable regulations require users’ consent to the use of cookies or any similar technology, our processing operations are based on this consent, collected on the websites of Clients.

In addition, we consider that we have a legitimate interest in processing your data for the purposes expressed in this notice in order to:

  • honor our commercial agreements with our customers and Clients;
  • and allow our Clients to locally promote their products and services.

The categories of data used in the context of our services

The personal data we use in the context of our services are simple. Woosmap basically processes two types of data, a identifier and location data associated with

When you browse the website of a Client using our technologies, Clients can send to Woosmap the following data:


  • Identifier of a Woosmap cookie that we have assigned to your web browser

Example: woos_uid=abc8b227-c59e-441d-920e-7015e6516e5e

Location information

Related to data you shared with the Client’s website:

  • coordinates of stores you browsed webpages or you explored through store locator page.
  • coordinates associated to the search you may have performed when searching for a store close to you or with stock.
  • coordinates of the places you may have defined as shipping location for your products.
  • coordinates of the places you may have defined as billing location when buying online.
  • coordinates of your device in the event you consented to punctually share your location with your browser (also named HTML5 Browser geolocation feature)
  • coordinates associated to your IP address when nothing else available.


  • Date and time associated with each location data. This timestamp is used by our algorithms to serve the more relevant information to our Clients and to fully automate data deletion.

Transfers of personal data to a recipient in a third country or international organizations

No data is exchanged or processed in countries outside the European Union.

The length of time for which your data will be kept

We keep location data for a maximum of 13 months from the date of collection. The same duration applies to cookies placed by Woosmap on your web browsers for local contextualisation purposes.

Changes to our privacy policy

Please note that we may update or change this privacy policy. If we revise our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this privacy statement, and to other places we deem appropriate, so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any we disclose it. If we make any material changes we will notify you by means of a notice on this site prior to the change becoming effective.