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Our mission is to empower consumer facing companies with location aware tools to build a strong relationship with their customers, based on Location Context personalisation.

4,4 Billions

geolocation queries done over the past 12 months

Scale confidently, backed by our infrastructure.

30 milliseconds

is our standard response time on most of our APIs

Count on accurate, real-time location retrieved.


Committed to support our users

Building the trust with our customers so they can develop their company on top of our products

Building Location Intelligence that matters

Building Location Intelligence that matters

We are passionate about the impact of Location Intelligence in our daily lives. We have been working closely with Google for the past 10 years to bring Location Intelligence from the Consumer world to the Enterprise.

Innovating on top of Google Maps drove us naturally to building a platform that helps connecting Business data to the world’s digital map. So we built Woosmap, the platform to help developers integrating Location-Based Services into their websites or apps.

Who we are

Who we are

We are geographers, DevOps and data scientists. Together we serve Location Intelligence technologies. Location data is very personal to consumers. We believe that transparency and accountability is the key of new value propositions we can bring to your customers, thanks to our great technology.

Let's build together the future of Location Intelligence!

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