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Locators for your business

Woosmap offers a unique combination of privacy-first geolocation APIs and SDKs based on our client’s needs.

Implement locators onto your platform and deploy new location services, staying within your budget.

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Take advantage of mapping, address finder, geocoding, distance calculation & navigation, indoor map, mobile position detection, location search engines and more to innovate, increase conversion rates and offer faster digital journeys.

The world is your playground!

Store Locator

Locate your store on a map

Display your venues anywhere on a dynamic map and sort searches by road distance to be easily found by clients! From one to thousands of places, there is no limitation.

Create your own store locator, restaurant locator, hotel locator, job locator… to display your Points of Interest. You can locate anything related to your business as our Store Locator is customisable.

You can also add information about your venues such as opening hours, contact information, photos, website, links, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Product Locator

Pinpoint your products' location with availability

Enable your clients to check the availability of a product or a service nearby easily! Provide information on stock availability in the nearest store and enable an efficient Click & Collect experience.

The Product Locator can be used in various sectors such as retail, hospitality, automotive, transport, services... and answer questions such as:

  • Where can I buy a specific cycle's brand model?
  • Where is the nearest hotel with room availability?
  • Does my car dealer has available stock for the vehicle I want to buy?
  • Where can I find an available repair engineer nearby to fix the elevator?

Address Finder & Geocoding

Validate and autocomplete addresses quickly for your customers' digital journey

Finding the right address quickly while users are searching for your venues, a product or while checking out is curcial in the customer digital journey.

With the Address Finder API combined with the Geocoding API, find the right address powering both the user's location and Woosmap address database.

This way, speed up any process significantly with autocompletion!

Indoor Mapping

Guide your visitors with Indoor Mapping, supporting a high precision positionning system

Propose an indoor map to help visitors find a specific store, product or service directly in your premises.

This API was created for facilities such as multi-story malls, airports, train stations, trade fairs, museums, big offices, etc.

Sort locations by distance and guide your users with turn-by-turn navigation.

Take the chance to create a complete mapping experience by connecting outdoor and indoor wayfinding maps!

Woosmap Indoor Mapping

Geofencing SDK

Personalise your users' experience based on their location

Reaching the right person, at the right time, at the right location? It’s possible!

Improve your mobile customer journey and increase customer satisfaction by identifying your app users’ location through mobile app and triggering notifications on geofence monitoring.

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) automatically generates and monitors geofences to contextualise your push notifications so that they’re sent at the right time to the right person.

Woosmap Console

All your geolocation tools and data in one place

Check out our technical platform made by developers for developers, that enables precise projects management.

All your data (assets and indoor POIs) are hosted in one place to ease their management and rendering thanks to dedicated dashboards.

Find all your projects and get the consumption detail associated to each. Secure and check every API usage. Analyse your users’ behavior and where you can streamline more location services to your platforms.

You can also find demos of our APIs on the console to try them out easily!

Take care of your budget!

Expanding your business with our solutions AND staying within your budget is possible! Whether it’s on a pay-as-you-go basis or with volume discounts, your subscription pools the use of all Woosmap APIs in the same counter.


We are focused on providing long-lasting solutions including libs and version-less APIs which are easy to implement and have excellent documentation.


With offices in 9 countries, we have incorporated your local and specific needs into our products and are able to support you in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi.


We have lots of experience in handling traffic peaks. In just 5 minutes on the first day of lockdown in 2020, we experienced a traffic peak which was 20 times higher than the usual average peak, without any downtime.

We work with retail customers and we regularly deal with the annual Black Friday peak without any problems.

As mentioned in our Terms of Service, Woosmap commits to being available 99.9% of the time in any calendar month.

In addition, the Woosmap platform is monitored 24/7. Our team develops the platform and provides transparent communication about service levels.

Our APIs are hosted and our data is stored in Europe. Geolocation data is very personal to consumers and so is always stored securely. We believe that transparency and accountability is a key part to the value we can bring to your customers, and this is thanks to our great technology.

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