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Locators for your business

Woosmap offers a unique combination of privacy-first geolocation APIs and SDKs, based on our own data sourcing, without collecting any personal data.

Developers, use our locators to deploy new solutions, staying within your budget.

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Take advantage of mapping, address finder, geocoding, distance calculation, maps, mobile position detection, location search engines and more to innovate, increase conversion rates and offer faster digital journeys. The entire world is your playground!

Carrefour uses Woosmap
Decathlon uses Woosmap
KingFisher uses Woosmap
Accor uses Woosmap
TotalEnergies uses Woosmap
El Corte Inglès uses Woosmap
Givenchy uses Woosmap
Kia use Woosmap

To meet all your business cases, discover our wide range of APIs


Because “One Search doesn’t fit all”, Woosmap Search tools provide the right location data for your use case.

Be it E-commerce, Retail, Financial services, Hospitality or Mobility, each industry has its relevant Point of Interest that matters and needs tailored Search experience.

Our rich search tools allow you to suggest nearby addresses and your own Points of Interest, autocomplete on city names, suburb names, postcodes and full addresses, geocode your locations and develop high-quality search experiences.


Get the actual distance to your Points of Interest and optimise your routes worldwide.

Calculate the distance by road and guide your users to your points of sale, improve the user experience by sharing the estimated time of arrival, taking into account the traffic.

Reduce costs by using the most efficient routes: use Distance Matrix to optimise the distance, travel time of journeys with multiple origins and destinations, with real-time and historical/predictive traffic, to save travel time and energy.

Maps & Mapping

Display Search results and geographic data on a crystal-clear and mobile-optimised elegant vector map: speed up purchase decision!

The Woosmap Map Lib & Mapping API ensure fast loading, smooth zooming, panning transitions and clear rendering at every scale, to display your network of thousands of Points Of Interests.

Business solutions

As a “Near me” expert, we’ve tailored geolocation solutions for specific industry and help you deliver a highly personalised physical and digital customer experience. 

Ready-to-use, conversion-oriented Store Locator to increase in-store foot traffic or appointments.

Detection of the location of your users to calculate ETAs or trigger events based on geofence tracking.

Intuitive guidance of your visitors in your indoor spaces with a navigation by Points of Interest with Woosmap Indoor.

Take care of your budget!

Expanding your business with our solutions AND staying within your budget is possible! Whether it’s on a pay-as-you-go basis or with volume discounts, your subscription pools the use of all Woosmap APIs in the same counter.


We are focused on providing long-lasting solutions including libs and version-less APIs which are easy to implement and have excellent documentation.


With offices in 9 countries, we have incorporated your local and specific needs into our products and are able to support you in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Hindi.


We have lots of experience in handling traffic peaks. In just 5 minutes on the first day of lockdown in 2020, we experienced a traffic peak which was 20 times higher than the usual average peak, without any downtime.

We work with retail customers and we regularly deal with the annual Black Friday peak without any problems.

As mentioned in our Terms of Service, Woosmap commits to being available 99.9% of the time in any calendar month.

In addition, the Woosmap platform is monitored 24/7. Our team develops the platform and provides transparent communication about service levels.

Our APIs are hosted and our data is stored in Europe. Geolocation data is very personal to consumers and so is always stored securely. We believe that transparency and accountability is a key part to the value we can bring to your customers, and this is thanks to our great technology.

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