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The Geolocation Platform for Enterprise & Startup developers

Woosmap is a comprehensive catalog of Geolocation APIs for mobile applications and websites, combining Woosmap APIs and the Google Maps Platform.
Better than one-size-fits-all, Woosmap is a platform that helps you tailor Geolocation to your business, with the most cost-effective and powerful developer tools on the market.

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Geolocation Platform for Enterprise & Startup developers

Developer First

We are focused on ensuring you get a long lasting solution, by offering Libs and version-less APIs which are easy to implement and well documented.


With offices in 9 countries, we have integrated your local and specific needs in our products and are able to support you in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Hindi.

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Cost effective

Our technical team is committed to advise you on your implementation at no extra cost. A dedicated Account Manager proactively monitors your consumption, ensuring the best value for money.

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To meet all your business cases, discover our wide range of APIs


Because “One Search doesn’t fit all”, Woosmap Search tools provide the right location data for your use case.

Be it E-commerce, Retail, Financial services, Logistics, or Mobility, each industry has its relevant Point of Interest that matters.

Our rich search tools allows you to autocomplete addresses and postcodes, suggest places, geocode your locations or even load your own data and develop search experiences to save customers time.

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Get reliable routes all around the world, to save travel time and energy. Cut your fuel costs by using the most efficient routes: create trips with multiple origins and destinations, and improve user experience with transparency on Estimated Time of Arrival.

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Display your application data and your network of thousands of points on crystal clear maps, to speed up the purchase decision: the Woosmap and Google Maps APIs ensure fast, mobile-optimised loading.

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Automatically retrieve and analyse the user’s background location, after permission is granted on a mobile app or a website, to offer location-based services while respecting their privacy and being GDPR compliant. Offer automated location-based services according to the proximity of your users to a Zone of Interest or to your Points of Interest.

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Interoperability is the key, this is why we develop integrations to help you save engineering time. Leverage your existing tech stack with our connectors:
Google Maps Platform Localistico Airship Big Commerce Partoo Salesforce marketing cloud Yext

Woosmap gives you access to Web Geo Services’ best Geolocation API catalog

By seamlessly combining Woosmap APIs and Google Maps APIs for integration into your mobile application and website, we provide relevant APIs for every industry at an optimised cost.

Number 1 Google Maps partner in Europe

Woosmap gives you access to Web Geo Services’ best Geolocation API catalog