Greene King: Leading Customers to its Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants with Improved Location Tools

Location-based Search Platform

A unique combination of location search APIs and solutions based on our proprietary data sourcing, without collecting any personal data.

Developers, build the best Location-based User Experience for millions of consumers. Increase conversion rates or optimise logistics and customer experiences across all digital customer journeys. 100% GDPR Compliant.

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To meet all your business cases, discover our wide range of APIs


Because “One Search doesn’t fit all”, Woosmap Search tools provide the right location data for your use case.

Be it E-commerce, Retail, Financial services, Logistics, or Mobility, each industry has its relevant Point of Interest that matters and needs tailored Search experience.

Our rich search tools allow you to autocomplete addresses and postcodes, suggest places, geocode your locations or even load your own data and develop search experiences to save customers time.


Get the actual distance to your Points of Interest and optimise your routes worldwide.

Calculate the distance by road and guide your users to your points of sale, improve the user experience by sharing the estimated time of arrival.

Reduce costs by using the most efficient routes: use Distance Matrix to optimise the distance, travel time of journeys with multiple origins and destinations, to save travel time and energy.


Display Search results on a crystal-clear map and build your application on top.

A Woosmap Map worth a thousand words: speed up purchase decision!

Display your application data and your network of thousands of Points Of Interests on a mobile-optimised elegant vector map.

The Woosmap Map & Mapping APIs ensure fast loading, smooth zooming and panning transitions and clear rendering at every scale.

Business solutions

As a “Near me” expert, we’ve tailored geolocation solutions for specific industry.

Enrichment of payment transaction with geolocation, entreprise-grade Store Locator, automated location-based services thanks to Geofencing.

Take the digital and physical customer journey to the next level: frictionless, ergonomic and time-saving service.

Take care of your budget!

Grow in solutions without growing your budget? Handle your annual costs with packages that include the use of all Woosmap APIs and take advantage of volume discounts.

Deploy new APIs without going over budget.


We are focused on providing long-lasting solutions including libs and version-less APIs which are easy to implement and have excellent documentation.


With offices in 9 countries, we have incorporated your local and specific needs into our products and are able to support you in English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Hindi.

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